Zaac Pick Releases Official Video For “Ladder To The Sun”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Zaac Pick*

The second track from my record, Passages (released May 22nd), captures the conflicted feeling of being happy for someone’s success at the same time that you are grappling with the loss of your friendship with them.
Watch the video for “Ladder To The Sun” via YouTube
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The track was produced by Jonathan Anderson at his country studio in Maple Ridge, BC. Skye Brooks (Copilots, Fond Of Tigers) and Taylor Swindells (Tourist Company) accompanied me on drums, backing vocals and Moog.
I wrote the story behind the video with my friend and director Kasey Lum. We wanted to play off of the theme in the song and tell a story about the drifting apart of childhood friendships, as a group of teens gets up to a night of mischief which exposes some deeper divisions between them.
Ladder To The Sun” is really asking questions about the usefulness of ambition. Is it inevitable that people change for the worse in some way to become successful? Is it worth losing relationships over?
I hope that engaging with this song can give you permission to own your feelings in a similar situation.
Thank you for listening,
Zaac Pick

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