New Sylent Storm Album ‘The Fire Never Dies’ Set For Summer 2020 Release

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Traditional heavy metal from Medford, Oregon

Traditional Metal band SYLENT STORM was formed in early 2013 in Medford, Oregon. In their first few years, they played dozens of shows around Southern Oregon with acts such as UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and RAVEN. A self-titled demo EP was recorded in 2014 but remained unreleased while the band went hiatus, with the members focusing on other projects. When the band reformed with a new lineup, the demo EP was released on CD by Stormspell Records in late 2018. That first release has gained plenty of international praise and was released on cassette in 2020 by Doomsday’s Today/Barf Bag Records.

A promotional video for the single “Patriots Of Metal” was unleashed in March of 2019 featuring the new lineup, who would go on to share stages with acts such as DOKKEN, LITA FORD & KIP WINGER.

The band’s first full length album is due out summer of 2020. It features the strong melodic vocals of Jym Harris, the guitar wizardry of Michael Ian Brisbane, thundering bass by Mike Pugh and the solid but technical percussion of studio drummer Rich Psonak, while skinsman Ray Kilmon plays live shows with the band.

Artwork for the upcoming summer 2020 album “The Fire Never Dies”
Frontman of the band Jym says about the new album:
“I think the “The Fire Never Dies” displays a slightly more mature version of SYLENT STORM. We’ve grown a lot in the last year and a half, so the phoenix on the cover art represents our rebirth. Most of the songs from the demo EP have now been re-recorded with the current lineup, and to me, the material sounds new again. We’re doing all the current crowd favorites plus some brand new stuff nobody’s heard yet. Fans of the original EP should be pleased and we hope to gain some new listeners as well”

Jym recently put out an update video on the bands social media about their situation which can be seen here.

Debut Self-Titled
Released December 5, 2018
EP run time: 24:37
1. Eye Of The Storm 04:30
2. Patriots Of Metal 04:08
3. Witches’ Blood 04:30
4. The Axeman 04:26
5. Betrayal 06:01
6. Gaelic Storm (instrumental) 04:32
Official video for “Patriots Of Metal”

“The songs are well-crafted metal numbers with bits of power metal added to the them as well. The vocals are excellent and solid, and the singer has an aggressive voice that goes well with the music… like a Bruce Dickinson meets Rob Halford at times” BallBuster Music (USA)

“The band’s overall musical approach is very classic so if you like bands like ANGEL WITCH, IRON MAIDEN and their NWOBHM contemporaries you are in for a treat.” 8/10 – Reflections Of Darkness (Germany)

an awesome band that will hit the world shores like a bomb. Having a perfect sound with brilliant compositions, they are joining the ranks of great eighties bands… True Heavy Metal at its best!!! Never a time to get bored, each song takes you up and keeps you raising your arm in the air. Hail to the mighty Sylent Storm 100/100″ – The Metal Mag (UK)

“An absolute killer of a release… a record chock full of all the things we know and love from 80’s metal. It’s got pace, power, melody and no shortage of skill. There are choruses to sink your teeth into and solos to get lost in” – Decibel Geek (England)

“Classic Metal with stars and stripes… with a little work, Sylent Storm can undoubtedly find their place among cult bands for lovers of a more traditional sound. 70/100” – LoudAndProud (Italy) [translated]

“Sylent Storm produce the sort of sound you can imagine a young Hetfield and Ulrich salivating over in 1981… the band’s undoubted enthusiasm carries the day on righteous stompers like Patriots of Metal, which has a real Tokyo Blade vibe about it, and it’s hard not to get carried away when the band hits full throttle.” – Sentinel Daily (Australia)

“a self-titled masterpiece… a convincing performance for anyone who is attracted to traditional heavy metal music, completely 80 styled!” 86/100 – Metal To Infinity (Belgium)

“A solid example of the classic metal style. Unpolished, unadorned, and unashamedly old-school” – Indy Metal Vault (USA)

“Anthemic Metal at its best… a solid, ripping entry into the realm of New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal” – Metal Chaos Magazine (USA)

“Reminiscent of an early Metal Church vibe met with grittier ‘Maiden and possibly some Stormwitch… their first step into a much larger world.  It is a good listen 70/100”  Thrashdance Fanzine (USA)

“a cascade of riffs and solos which venerate the 80’s while still sounding like it could party in 2019” – Hollywood Metal (USA)

“the love for pure and classic metal is clear! …the whole thing well-balanced with some epic drops. 85/100” – HardRockHeavyMetal (Spain)

“Listeners will raise their fists high to the authentic traditional heavy metal… Fans who have a deep affection for the NWOTHM will enjoy this album. 7/10” – YesterdazeNews Magazine (USA)

“There’s no disputing the passion and ability of the musicianship on display – Sylent Storm understand the necessary hooks, harmonies, and songwriting flow to achieve a stellar traditional metal output. 7/10” – Dead Rhetoric (USA)

“SYLENT STORM do not replicate the over-saturated retro sound of nowadays, instead they absorb multiple sounds in order to perfect theirs” – The Forgotten Scroll (Greece)

“You won’t find a “Hit Single”, but songs played with passion and respect to  the spirit of this US wave (1983/1986), and this is promising… Musically everything is in place, the voice of Jym is really suitable for this style (I invite you to check some Live videos on Youtube to appreciate its performance.) The production is good and adapted to the style.”   4.5 STARS  METAL-INTEGRAL.COM (France) [translated]

“Sounds like American Power Metal from 1984… USPM Never too much! 6.5/10” Vlad Rocker (Poland)

“The western coast of the USA’s traditional metal onslaught continues, with Oregon based Sylent Storm; a new name to watch. Welcome aboard, look forward to many years of quality releases. 7.5 / 10” – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (USA)

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