HADEWIJCH: Doom/Post-Rock/Shoegaze Act Release Debut EP ‘Herbal Noise’ Via Electric Valley Records

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Promo cover art Hadewijch
Herbal Noise
Electric Valley Records
8 May 2020
Genre: Doom/Post-rock/Shoegaze
Location: Lyon, France
RIYL: Earth, Neurosis, Bell Witch, and Yob

Hadewijch’s debut EP, Herbal Noise, saw its cassette and digital release on May 08 via Electric Valley Records.

Hadewijch is far away from being another upholder of the overused stoner/doom metal clichés. Drugging graceful post-rock, dreamy shoegaze, and electrostatic drone elements altogether to bewitching doom metal, the French trio peddles its own brand of “Herbal Doom.”

The debut EP, Herbal Noise, is an extensive approach that virtually affects the sensorium, an attempt to turn a figment of one’s imagination into a reality. The sole track “Salvia” creeps through about 19-minute spans to take the listeners out of their comfort zone.

The band states:

“Through herbalism and heavy sounds, we aim to bring positiveness and catharsis, because sounds, just like the plants, can be therapeutic. Beyond our sonic perception of life and humanity, the Herbal Doom is a way to transcend, ascend, and going back to our roots; a way to finally be conscient of our personality; a way to become an old connexion to the elements.”

“No cult! No worship! No religion!

“Just the sun to unveil nature from the earth, a light who shines in the abyss! 
“We are Hadewijch!” 


Vocals and Guitars: Raphaël Ripoll
Guitars: Paul-Robin Colomb
Drums: Quentin Tarantino

Recorded at Nice Sound Studio.
Mixed at Polyfon Studio by Leif Herland.
Produced by Hadewijch.
Artwork by Hadewijch.

https://evrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hadewijch-herbal-noise-ep(digital only; cassettes sold out)
https://hadewijch.bandcamp.com/album/herbal-noise (cassette and digital)

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