UK Folk Rock Troubadour Gerry Cinnamon Releases New Album ‘The Bonny’

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Scottish singer-songwriter GERRY CINNAMON is a superstar stadium headliner and cult hero in the UK, whose live shows have become legendary, joyous mass fan singalongs inspiring devotion and a dedicated following that has swelled via word of mouth to epic proportions. He has taken homegrown Glasgow tales and shared them with the world to rapturous applause. Gerry’s explosive talent is on full display on his fiery sophomore album The Bonny that was released on April 17th via his own label Little Runaway Records.

Gerry Cinnamon was born in the tough Castlemilk neighborhood of Glasgow, where all he had and all he ever wanted to do was music. Influenced by luminaries like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Beck, Neil Young, Billy Connelly and Otis Redding, The Bonny boasts twelve anthemic tracks laced with social commentary, personal stories and propulsive poetry. As a lyricist, he has a flair for being able to express universal emotions in a manner that’s raw, real and relatable. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, pounding kick drums and loop pedal harmonies, Gerry crafted a huge sound on The Bonny that he wrote, produced and mixed at his home studio in Glasgow.

“A lot of the album was written years ago at a dark time in my life,” shares Gerry. “It’s a mixture of some dark stuff and a little bit of light in the distance. If you’re in a real shit situation it can be near impossible to see a positive outcome. I try not to contribute to the negative shit in my writing, there’s more than enough of that going around already. If I write songs about the bad stuff I think it’s only polite to remind the listener of the real reality. That it doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s where you’re going that matters. Put the graft in and better times are inevitable. Easy.”

The word Bonny is Scottish for both “beautiful” and “bonfire” – whose duality perfectly encapsulates the complex ethos of the album. The Bonny’s captivating singles “Where We’re Going,” “Canter,” “Head In The Clouds,” “Dark Days,” “Sun Queen” and the title track give a glimpse into Gerry’s inspiring artistry. The album had already amassed 53 million streams of the singles pre-release. The Bonny follows Gerry’s 2017 self-released UK Top 20 debut Erratic Cinematic that is certified Gold with 175K+ sales and has hit over 130 million streams. His collective career streams total over 210 million – all achieved while remaining resolutely independent.

NME calls Gerry “A word of mouth sensation,” BBC anoints him “The do-it-yourself stadium act” and touring mate Liam Gallagher says he’s “A top man doing supernatural things.” The Guardian effuses, “The Glaswegian has built up a raucous following for his unvarnished acoustic anthems” and The Scotsman raves, “His fans have the sort of feverish loyalty which can be found in very few other audiences.”

Gerry’s first-ever U.S. tour was confirmed for Spring 2020 before being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic – which included Sold Out headlining shows in NYC, Boston and LA, dates as special guest on the Dropkick Murphys x Rancid Boston To Berkeley II Tour and a performance at the Shaky Knees Festival.

Physical formats feature alternate album covers displaying two different black and white iconic photos from the 60’s and 70’s: One image captures the love between a mother and child as they embrace on the balcony of their high rise apartment and the other highlights the camaraderie between a group of scrappy young lads gathered around a bonny in Scotland. Collectible vinyl editions will be available in standard black, orange, red and flame-colored vinyl designs. Special limited edition bundles of the album including signed lyric books and special t-shirts are available exclusively at Gerry’s official website.

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