The Mandevilles Release New Single “Junkie”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By The Mandevilles*

We’re The Mandevilles, back today with new music!
This time, it’s all on our terms. Our first single, “Junkie,” off the new record feels like it’s steeped in blues, but still rock ‘n’ roll.
Listen to “Junkie” now on your preferred streaming service.
Blurring the lines between guitars and synthesizers, the opening riff pulsates throughout, creating a hypnotic rhythm. There’s a solid 90s vibe, and while it’s a darker song, it’s about the joyful and overwhelming feeling you get when you’re infatuated with someone.
Falling head over heels, the beginnings of love or lust when you question nothing, and just plow into the deepest emotions for another person. The love stranglehold.
Watch out for more tracks from the upcoming record!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Serena, Nick, Dan, Brett, and Taylor 

📷 Lauren Garbutt

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