MARROWFIELDS: Fall River Atmospheric Doom Act Debuts New Track At Heavy Blog Is Heavy; Album ‘Metamorphoses’ Out Now Via Black Lion Records

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Band Photo: Pamela Garnett

Marrowfields share evocative “Crow and Raven” off of the newest debut album

Fall River, MA atmospheric doom metal entity Marrowfields’ Ovidian folklore-inspired debut, Metamorphoses, released its CD and digital release on April 24th via Black Lion Records. 

The third and the final single,  “Crow and Raven,” from the album got its premiere at Heavy Blog Is Heavy. 

Click HERE or HERE to stream/download the track.

The band offers on the track:
“Exile and imprisonment for the sake of being an individual is ultimately the exploration of the tales written in ‘Crow and Raven.’ The song explores punishment in the form of transformation, where two humans were stripped of the human form and forced to live out their days as outcasts.” 

The title track, which was debuted a few weeks ago at Invisible Oranges, is available on all digital platforms ( 

Cover Art: Kishor Haulenbeek


With the evolving movement of extreme music, Marrowfields debut their stunning full-length, Metamorphoses. The record plays like a seamless 51-minute epic doom tale, showcasing anguishing stories involving howling dreary landscapes, the punishment of mankind, and the death and transformation of gods. Their debut record is a piece truly inspired by Ovidian folklore, which can be seen in Kishor Haulenbeek’s painting for the cover.

The sound created by Marrowfields showcases their ability to blend crushing doom tones from the traditional era, with dreamlike black metal. The two genres whirlwind together into a truly sorrowful concept record. The soaring clean vocals over long compositions inflict themes of intense suffering, devastation, loss, and greed.

Metamorphoses is composed of 5 artfully constructed epic tracks, each showcasing its own poetic tales. The violent acts of creation and demise, punishment through animal form, over-indulgence, personal transformation, and the withering of seasons are stories staged throughout the record with haunting precision. Marrowfields have created a one-of-a-kind debut that captures the magic of a punished and sorrowful world you will wish to return to time and time again.


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