The Treble Release Lyric Video For “All The People”

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We spend so much of our time dealing with so many voices in our heads telling us what to do that we sometimes have a hard time just listening to each other.

All The People” is a song about not being afraid to talk to someone, but also not being afraid to listen. Knowing that whatever you’re dealing with, they’re probably dealing with something too. 

We are all in this together.

Going through your 20s, you realize just how much you’ve changed. For us, the last decade has been a great thrill ride where all of this cool stuff happened, but we never had a chance to breathe because we were always trying to please somebody else. 

When we finally took the time to just be, that was when we were able to figure out who we are, what we sound like, and how to best represent all of that musically.

 On our sophomore album (out now), we spoke without thinking. We stopped trying to water things down, stopped chasing what other people told us to, and just honed in on what felt good and made us happy.

It’s funny, but when you finally stop being unsure of whom you are and kind of just realize you’re already yourself, that’s when everything starts aligning.

Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, we hope you share “All The People” with all of yours.

The Treble

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