St. South Releases New Single “If It’s Not You” Feat. N.Y.C.K.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*

St. South has always maintained an unwavering independence that manifests both in the way she creates her music, and the music itself.  Everything St. South put out until now, has been “fully self-funded, self-released, and self-driven.” Because of this, the music itself imbues a sense of intimacy, a closeness that has pulled in millions of listeners from all corners of the world. On her debut full-length record, Get Well Soon, St. South continues to be revelatory, as she unfolds a story of grief, heartbreak and ultimately, self-love.

Her newest single, “If It’s Not You,” is a soulful electro track with warm layers and an upbeat, softly pulsing rhythm. The track was written with and features vocals from St. South’s friend N.Y.C.K.

You can find more info, photos, and social links here:

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