Midnight Vesta Releases New Single “I’ll Have Another”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Midnight Vesta*

“I’ll Have Another” was born out of that sliver in time between a break-up and deciding that you’re worthy of love again. 

It’s okay to look back on past relationships with a critical eye.  

Moments of self reflection are healthy, but ultimately, go easy on yourself – you’ll find another. 

The only way for time to be wasted on lost love is to refuse to examine it and learn something about yourself. “I’ll Have Another” is a coming of age story, showing the growth that comes from owning your mistakes. 

You can listen to our brand new single on Spotify or SoundCloud now.

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“I’ll Have Another” serves as a bridge between our previous debut album, Seconds, and the new record, Time Goes To Work, which features a lineup that we solidified in 2017. 

Our lead singer, Peter Jarvis, wrote this song from such a deeply personal place that it felt like a moment of vulnerability on his part to make it the first song we finished as a band. It was a gesture that said what was once his thing is now ours collectively, to share.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, and thank you to The Spill Magazine for the official premiere: http://spillmagazine.com/spill-music-premiere-midnight-vesta-ill-have-another/

Midnight Vesta

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