One Small Step (Ohio) Release New Single “Top Me Off”

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One Small Step Release New Single “Top Me Off”

“…the perfect track to spin if you’re stuck inside.”- *New Noise Magazine*

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Lyric video “Top Me Off”:


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“Sell It” Music video:

Quote about “Top Me Off”:

“Unlike a number of songs on our EP, which cover some of the harder topics of mental illness, this song [“Top Me Off”] really captures that classic upbeat, promiscuous, punk attitude. Coming from a small town, there’s not much more to do than to leave the house and talk yourself out of making “bad” decisions.”


Hailing from Wapakoneta, OH, the birthplace of “first man on the moon” Neil Armstrong, One Small Step’s hook-filled pop-punk incorporates progressive elements and uses the band’s classical training in music theory to write songs that never repeat verses, and feature exotic dynamics, signatures and syncopation.

Their electric live performances draw audiences in to hear their messages of hope in the face of adversity. Their focus on mental health and the well-being of their fans has fostered an intense connection with said fans who often reach out at their live shows to thank them for giving them a place to talk about their troubles so that that they might never have to feel truly alone. For example check out this video of one fan grabbing the mic to tell them how they saved his life:

One Small Step has been featured in independent magazines, on radio stations and podcasts in the US, UK and Australia and they have toured the US multiple times.

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