Ivytide Releases Official Video For “Blurr”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Ivytide* 

Blurr” is the first single off our upcoming EP, Pardon our distance. This song encapsulates the feeling of losing touch, reflecting the distance between two people that comes from a disparity in perceptions, emotions, and perspectives.

The production on “Blurr” embodies the feeling of distance, with dreamy and washed out qualities that pair with lyrics describing the struggle of self-identification.

Watch the video for “Blurr” on YouTube

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Our lead singer, Nathan, developed frostbite while filming the song’s video, shot at 7:30am in -18 degrees Celsius. After taking a break in a cafe, he toughed it out through the rest of filming, where we made sure he was warm and cozy in between shots.
Thank you for listening. We are excited to share the rest of Pardon our distance with you soon.


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