Only August’s Debut Single “The Rain” Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Only August*

My debut single, “The Rain,” is a metaphor about the growth of a relationship. 

I co-wrote the song with my wife, who encouraged me to write in a way that reflects my current relationship and our strengths. 

The song’s lyrics describe the simple care and nurture required to sustain a relationship, just as a plant needs rain to drink, sunshine to grow, as well as shade and space. 

I juxtapose the chaos of unpredictability of a storm with these acts of care. 

“The Rain” is a representation of these ups and downs.

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Thank you, Indie88, for officially premiering the track:

What made this song unique to me was that I had the pleasure of writing it with my wife in front of the fireplace at our ranch, where the song and its lyrics came together quickly. 

“The Rain” features the line “they say the grass is always greener, but I can’t be sure,” meaning that you may never be satisfied until you find this out for yourself, through lived experience. 

I hope you can relate to this song in many different aspects of life.

Thank you for listening,

Only August


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