American Studies Releases Official Video For “Panama City Blues”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By American Studies*

Our debut single, “Panama City Blues,” reimagines 1960s band Larry and The Loafers’ song of the same name, transforming it into a beach banger for spring break. 

Listen to “Panama City Blues” via SpotifyApple Music ⏣ 

Watch the video for “Panama City Blues” on YouTube Stage Right Secrets

We worked with the master recording of the original song to manipulate and sample its sound, capturing the duality of the song which describes a heartbreak through a beach party atmosphere. 

Now the beach and all its glory reminds the exlovers of each other, so they choose to drink the Panama City blues away.

We hope “Panama City Blues” moves kids today the way it moved the youth almost a century ago.  

Soon we will share more from our debut album with you, a labour of love which reimagines music which we have collected and preserved from the birth of rock and r&b during the 1950s-60s.

Thank you for listening,

American Studies

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