Matt Megrue (Charleston, SC Singer-Songwriter) Releases New ‘Live At Low Watt’ EP

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Matt Megrue (Charleston, SC Singer-Songwriter) Releases New ‘Live At Low Watt’ EP

EP Features Solo Versions of “We” and “It’s Not Business, It’s Just Personal” From His Recent ‘The Mourner’s Manual’ LP and a cover of “Take on Me” by A-Ha.

“Live at Low Watt is a new series launched by Low Watt Recording Studio, which is also where I recorded The Mourner’s Manual. The idea was to strip some of the songs down to their most basic elements: an instrument and a voice. I chose “We” because I have been hearing the new record being described as ‘brooding’, and I think there is a lot of hope in “We”, so I wanted to make sure and highlight that. “It’s Not Business, It’s Just Personal” is the heaviest song on the record, so I wanted to discover a way to play that song with just me and a guitar. As for the cover song, the studio had just gotten a new piano and while we were setting up for the other songs, I was playing through it and figured, ‘What the hell, here goes nothing.'”- Matt Megrue

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South Carolina, based singer-songwriter Matt Megrue (The Unusual Suspects, Loners Society) has released his new EP titled ‘Live at Low Watt’. The EP follows quickly on the heels of his recently released LP ‘The Mourner’s Manual’.

‘Live At Low Watt’ is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other DSPs.

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Who is Matt Megrue:

Birthplace: Riverdale, Georgia

Current Home: Charleston, South Carolina

Genre: Rock, Heartcore

Associated Acts: Loners Society, cashout, County Line Strangers, The Unusual Suspects

Has Shared Stages With: The Civil Wars, Manchester Orchestra, Hawthorne Heights, Sugarcult, Flickerstick, Shawn Mullins, Futurebirds, The Constellations, Cowboy Mouth, Ross Childress (Collective Soul), Jordan Igoe, A Fragile Tomorrow, Ponderosa.


In listening back to this recording, I’m continually reminded of something that I forgot while making this album: Matt Megrue is not only a profound and poetic lyricist, but also a fearless one. Anyone who knows Matt is aware the impact that artists like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen have had on him. In the past, Matt might have even leaned into those influences a bit much in a musical sense. But not this time. Those influences still find their way through, but more in the wordplay, layered imagery, and outspokenness that is happening all over The Mourner’s Manual.

When you listen to a song like “Mirror, Mirror” it is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Matt’s vocals paint an incredible, melodic picture on top of this melancholic, brooding musical piece. It was the perfect ode to Robert Smith’s more fragile lyrical and vocal performances—a slight whisper in the voice and a sense of mystery in the words. Then the chorus opens up; taking cues from the vocal stylings of 90’s Northwestern post-hardcore and emo.

The most curious thing about all of this is that, at the end of the day, it sounds just as recognizably Matt as anything he has ever written. More evolved, more mature, more contemplative? Perhaps. But there’s a thread in all of his songs that only he can maintain, and only he can pull further. Like this record was always meant to be.

In producing a song like “We,” which Matt brought to the table in various states of realization, I was almost immediately moved by the pain that he so effortlessly and powerfully conveyed. His ability to pay tribute to the victims of the shooting at Emanuel AME Church of Charleston, while also boldly rejecting the sickness of hatred and racism, spoke volumes to me.

The way the United States’ love affair with guns is addressed in “The NRA Took My Baby Away” struck me as blunt and impactful. In fact, Matt’s ability to ride the lines between bluntness, impact, and tastefulness is apparent all over this record—and I can attest to that as being something that is really hard to do.

“Fearlessness” is the best way I can describe the theme of this record, as it truly is an album about pushing beyond the, often-paralyzing, power that fear has over a person. And Matt really does push beyond fear, whether it’s in relation to the sometimes divisive, but necessary subject matter on the album, or the way that Matt decided to go all-in on a musically ambitious and, at times, controversially diverse set of songs.

Matt’s lyricism shines like never before, as does his unique ear for melody and desire to push musical boundaries. He is an artist who is following in the tradition of his heroes, while also forging his own path.

While some may be afraid to take artistic leaps and liberties, not Matt Megrue. He doesn’t yield to fear. -Sean Kelly (Producer, Bassist)

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“Smart, lyrical alt-country [band] from Charleston, South Carolina. They’ve performed with Civil Wars, Manchester Orchestra, and Shawn Mullins.”- American Songwriter Magazine

“Make no mistake, at its most basic form, Loners Society is a rock band. They are not interested in reinventing the wheel, and there is a good chance their songs will feel familiar to you, even upon first listen. That fresh familiarity is the magic that is Loners Society: having the ability to craft songs that feel sincere and authentic while paying humble respect to the bands and artists who came before, and influenced them.”- Guitar World Magazine (Acoustic Nation)

“Down to basics and raw talent, King City Sessions is a charming listen from start to finish from a band that’s got a few good stories and a lot of soul.” -Substream Magazine

“There’s an honesty and poetry to the songs here that has me by the reins instantly…there’s at least two parts to every song that have me thinking, “Wow! That’s fantastic, what they’ve done there instrumentally!”, or “Damn, those are some exceptional lyrics!”…the sincerity of these songs is absolutely infectious.”- RockFreaks Blog

“Put on your jeans, bring out the guitar case and head on down the road with a new set of songs for the working class. Thats exactly what Matt Megrue and his friends in Loners Society did and the result became the acoustic live album King City Sessions. The band deliver both previously released songs as well as new ones on this 5 track EP. The music is a crossover of folk, country and roots rock where singer Matt Megrue stands out as the star.” –Roth N Roll Blog


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