AZ’s The Venomous Pinks Release New Single, The Coming-Of-Age Punk Anthem “Hold On”

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“From poppy sensibilities to heavy riffs, the new new track “I Want You” from The Venomous Pinks is the perfect soundtrack to your weekend.”- New Noise Magazine

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Tempe, AZ all-female punk rock trio The Venomous Pinks has released a new single and music video titled “Hold On”.

The track appears on their upcoming album “I Want You”.

Stream the video here:

Guitarist and vocalist Drea Doll calls the new song, “A coming of age punk anthem that gives a lifeline for those struggling to keep a dream alive.“

Stream the single on all DSP’s here:

Check out the video for their previous single (a cover of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts’ “I Want You”, starring dominatrixes Soma Snakeoil and Lady Scorpius) here:


If members of Bikini Kill and TSOL musically collided in a Russ Myer movie, the soundtrack scoring the scene would be orchestrated by The Venomous Pinks. Hailing from Mesa, Arizona the three-piece trio creates an unapologetically, uniquely addictive, in-your-face punk sound, that instantly makes the soul hurt so good, you can’t help but yearn for more.

Newly signed to Die Laughing Records, music is the religion they worship, and their church is the road. Having formed in 2012, they have blasted their way from the garage and into the spotlight, shredding the stage with some of punk rock’s finest bands, such as: Bad Religion, Iggy Pop, Anti-Flag, The Bouncing Souls, just to name a few. Even though they have been touring all over the country, they have street cred to back them since their loyalty to their local roots runs deep.


What others have said about The Venomous Pinks:

“The Venomous Pinks are a punk band. Not a “girl” band or a “chick” band, but a punk band.”- New Times

“If people think the punk scene has lost its passion, wait till you hear THE VENOMOUS PINKS.”- *Infrared Mag*

“…hits hard and fast, and doesn’t let up.”- Punknews

“…unadulterated punk rock”- New Noise

“…good old-fashioned kick your teeth in punk rock and roll.”- ReadJunk

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