Old Bones Release ‘Sleepwalker’ EP

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Noob Heavy PR*

Old Bones – Sleepwalker EP
Hard rock/Heavy metal
EP, runtime: 23:26
Long Island, New York
March 21st, 2020


Hailing from Long Island, New York, Old Bones is the culmination of 20+ year friendships, fights, musical cultivation, and exploration. Following years of stop-start momentum, the band finally found its footing after watching a Mastodon/Opeth show and realizing what they needed to do. After a ton of individual writing, they had enough to begin rehearsing with Griffin McCarthy (Letter of Marque) and ultimately put 5 of these ferocious songs to tape to release them to the masses in March 2020.

That debut, Sleepwalker, is an aggressive whirlwind of stylistic changes and expressions, the band explained the sound as a mix of “Rock, metal, hardcore, a couple of sludgy bits, and some grunge nonsense, referring to themselves as ”powerslop deathrock” as a quicker statement. Imagine if members of Mastodon, Every Time I Die, Trivium, and Kyuss decided to write songs for a Motorhead tribute show. Johnny and Anthony worship at the altar of the almighty riff and the ripping guitar solo while Dan’s thunderous bass moves the congregation forward, while Griffin’s drums make sure the pounding never stops. Even with the combined three-headed assault of Anthony’s vicious screaming, Johnny’s howling and Dan’s haunting vocals, Sleepwalker clearly follows the golden rules of always serve the song and never get in the way of the groove.

The artwork was created by Dan Walsh and is based around a concept of the universe being dreamed out with literal manifestations of the human experience coming from a sleeping goddess. Peeling back that layer shows themes of growth, death, loneliness, and the passage of time.

Anthony Dallolio – Guitar/Vocals
Dan Walsh – Bass/Vocals
Johnny Dadabo – Guitar/Vocals

This ep is the culmination of two and a half years of writing, rewriting, revising, scrapping, starting over and writing songs until our fingers bled and our throats were shot. These five songs represent our literal blood, sweat, and tears to tell stories ranging from extraterrestrials to loneliness and grief, and every note is a piece of our soul screaming to be heard.

Sleepwalker was recorded at Vudu Studios over a couple of months with Johnny and Anthony doing the quadruple duty of guitar/bass/vocals/production. Griffin was brought on as a session player who finished in record time while the later addition of Dan to the mix was essential and added
the extra depth that makes these songs shine.

Cover art for the single release of Invaders
About their origin:
The three of us have been playing music together now in some capacity for nearly 20 years, Anthony had known Dan from Elementary school, and John and Anthony first formed a band in middle school because they sat next to each other in homeroom class and decided to make a Nirvana rip off band that soon became some very varied multi genre mess. After numerous other projects that didn’t pan out due to creative differences on what genre to play in, John and Anthony went to a show at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia to see that super show of Mastodon, Opeth, Gojira, Eagles of Death Metal, Devin Townsend Project, and Russian Circles and decided to smash all of their influences together and see what comes.

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