Shred Kelly Releases Official Music Video For “Dead Leaves”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Shred Kelly*

Dead Leaves,” our new single, is a sombre reflection on our social connections online. Our online experiences are half ‘Instagram happy,’ seen in the shadow of dire warnings of what’s happening in the world around us. 

Listen to “Dead Leaves” on Spotify

Watch the video for “Dead Leaves” on YouTube

The song was inspired by the culture that online communication has created around divisive issues. It’s chorus states that “we can be friends,” but if not, then the exact opposite can happen and pull people apart.

Nygel Asselin of Nyg Productions produced “Dead Leaves,” lending his dedication and innovation to create an amazing recording experience. He assisted us in capturing the duality reflected in the song, which addresses both the light and dark of the online world.

“Dead Leaves” holds up a mirror to ourselves, allowing us to be self-critical of our online behaviours. 

Thank you for listening,

Shred Kelly

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