KVAEN: Invisible Oranges Debuts Swedish Black Metal Unit’s Anticipated ‘The Funeral Pyre’ In Full; Album Out Now Via Black Lion Records

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KVAEN: Invisible Oranges debuts Swedish black metal unit’s anticipated ‘The Funeral Pyre’ in its full; album out now via Black Lion Records

Swedish one-man black metal unit KVAEN is making waves in the underground upon offering the singles off the debut The Funeral Pyre which saw its worldwide release 28th February 2020 via Black Lion Records on CD and LP. The album features contributions from various musicians, including Sebastian Ramstedt (Necrophobic, ex: Nifelheim) and Perra Karlsson (In Aeternum, Nominon, ex: Destroyer 666).

Invisible Oranges is offering streaming of the album in its full. Invisible Oranges writes on the album, “a thrilling record that complements our current age of 1990s nostalgia while lending an exciting new voice to the ongoing black metal conversation.”


Stream The Funeral Pyre exclusively at Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE


Shrouded in violence and wildness, KVAEN is a solo project by Swedish musician Jakob Björnfot (The Duskfall and Autumn Death). Walking the path of flesh and bone, KVAEN plays black metal with speed, pagan, and Viking metal influences. The debut album, The Funeral Pyre, dropped on 28 February 2020 digitally and on CD under the banner of Black Lion Records.

Funeral Pyre delivers well-executed black metal, exploring the ‘80s infernal speed metal reign and breathing the vision of Viking age, cold steel, death, and Ragnarök. Charged with diabolic melodies, this album grabs the listeners and takes them on a wild ride through mysterious barren wastelands of northern Sweden. KVAEN keeps the listener engaged with a knife against the throat until the last moment of Funeral Pyre.


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“The music is gloriously vibrant” – No Clean Singing

“Kvaen harkens back to the sound of blue-cover black metal from the ’90s, with an added touch of modern viking and pagan metal flair.” – Decibel Magazine

“Just hear the entire album, because it’s really excellent.” – Metal Temple (10/10 Rating)

“’The funeral pyre’ is roaring, melodic black metal in ice cold, primeval Swedish incur with a whole sack of crime and astonishingly hateful song” – Sweden Rock Magazine

“It’s not enough to say that there isn’t a bad song on the album, because every song here is great or better.” – Toilet ov Hell

“an absolute banger . . .” – Metal Injection on the track  “The Funeral Pyre”

“melodic black metal with such verve and venom that it sounds as fresh as when it first emerged from the primordial forests.” – Angry Metal Guy (Rating: 4/5)

“Every damn song is born a classic, every note is pure gold.” – Black Metal Daily

“I can’t imagine an album that sounds so fresh and compelling at the same time!” – Arrow Lords of Metal

“It’s the type of release that’s able to offer up quite a bit of variety while still having strong enough hooks and a cohesive flow to keep you coming back.” – Metal Trenches (8.7/10 Rating)

“A flawless, symphonic and almost entirely keyboard-free, Black Metal album . . .” – Streetclip.de (8.25/10 Rating)

“None of the tracks on this record are bad, most erring at the higher levels of our internal song rankings.” – Rock Music Raider

“And to my ears, this is some of the greatest (Swedish) Melodic Black/Death Metal I have heard within the past 5 years or so.” – Rock Era Magazine

“a very strong album in which different black metal styles are meeting each other and strengthening each other in a very nice combination.” – Dutch Metal Maniac

“an exceptional album.” – Moshpit Nation

“A massive sound, raw power and aggression mixed with great musicianship and song-writing.” – Uber Rock

“‘The Funeral Pyre’ offers you some fine Swedish melodic black metal the way you are (most likely) used to.” – Rauta

9/10 Rating – Blessed Altar Zine

80/100 Rating – Zware Metalen

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