Little Cities Releases Official Video For “Can I Come Over?”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Little Cities*

We spend so much of our lives asking ourselves what if I did this differently?


Have the talk. Tell that person how you feel about them. Tell them how they make everything better just by being around. Worst case? You stay friends forever. 

Best case? You date your best pal and suddenly feel a lot less anxious. 


Our new single – “Can I Come Over?” – is out now!

Watch the official music video on YouTube.


“Can I Come Over?” is actually the very first song we ever wrote as a band.

We always loved to play it live, but never felt 100% satisfied.


When we found out that our friend, producer Gavin Brown (Billy Talent, Metric, Three Days Grace), would be flying to our hometown to write and record a single with us, we rewrote the track together and recorded it over a weekend this past fall.  The whole experience was very surreal. Gavin’s production resume is what we grew up listening to, still listen to, and have been inspired by.  


We hope this song makes you feel happy, fun, and cute – the same way you feel when you finally get to hold hands with your best friend and show them off to the world!

Little Cities

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