The Hellfreaks Release New Album ‘God On The Run’

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Hell was full so they came back!

Spawned from surf-psycho roots in 2009, Shakey Sue decided to abandon her drumsticks and pick up a microphone. Alongside her trusted guitarist, they recruited two punk rockers and summoned a sound more fitting of their devilish nature. The Hellfreaks were born.

After winning a prestigious award from the Program For National Contemporary Music Culture in Hungary in 2009, the band invested their achievement in their first music video for the critically acclaimed ‘Boogieman’ that has surpassed five million views on YouTube. The video became one of the most viewed psychobilly videos on the planet.

2010 saw the release of their debut album ‘Hell Sweet Hell’ which was an immediate success. The Hellfreaks were rapidly leaving their tracks across the globe from Alaska to Australia and from Budapest to Birmingham as their fans devoured the record.

After two years of relentless touring, their second full-length album ‘Circus Of Shame’ was unleashed to the world through Longneck Records. A mix of punk rock and billy-influenced-sound, alternative model and vocalist Shakey Sue and her three partners in crime set out to take their fans and critics by storm for a second time.


After a split in 2014 and a period of a creative re-invention, Shakey Sue returned with a new line-up of freaks and a hungry punk rock attitude. The new wave of the band launched with a tour in the USA in 2015 that included a performance at the famed Ink ‘n’ Iron Festival in Long Beach.

In 2016, The Hellfreaks released their much anticipated new generation album, ‘Astoria.’ Separating themselves from their ‘billy’ roots, they crafted a sound entirely of their own.

A year later, the band released two new music videos. ”Burn The Horizon” is managed by a really one-off and special teamwork. Steven Shea (American writer and producer) made the video with his professional team and he managed the writing and production also. The unique thing about the video is the location of the shooting, because only the ‘viral video’ was made in Hungary, all the other parts were made in the United States of America.

In 2017, supported by a successful indiegogo campaign, the band released their video for “I’m Away.” The continued support from their loyal fanbase is testament to the bands hard work and dedication towards their vision.

Alongside the USA, The Hellfreaks have performed in almost every European country in small clubs to major festivals such as the WGT & Spirit Festival in Germany, the Psychobilly Meeting in Spain, Club Sin in Finland, Warhead in Poland, Pod Parou in Czech Republic, Bedlam Breakout Festival in Northampton and countless other venues.
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The band recently released a new album, entitled ‘God On the Run.’ 

Band quote about the album:

“We’ve sunk in cold water, got lost in abysses and held the air for over a decade – this record is exactly the surface we’ve always wanted to break out of to catch our breath! God On The Run is the result of inexpressible hard work, tears, sweat, countless hours and a lot of joy! These 10 tracks are exactly what we wanted to create and dreamed about for a very long time.

God On The Run explores the different faces of hope. Hope that is manifested in God for some, that is hidden in the eyes of others or that is just an illusion for freaks who were forced to go through hell. We are all so different but one thing binds us together, which is the need for hope. This is our fuel. This is what keeps the flame burning when it’s surrounded by grey rain clouds. This is the seed of change. Even though hope can be a beast and likes to play catch with us: sometimes so close that we almost run against it and sometimes so far, that it feels like a hallucination.

10 years ago we said that hell was full and that The Hellfreaks came back to earth. Now we say that we actually like it hot, so we’re back and we’re ready to grab hope, wherever it’s hiding. With this record we would like to invite you all to catch your God On The Run with us!“

Additional Infos about ‘God On The Run’:

▶Recorded by Gabi Domján, Péter Csobánczi, José Szabolcs Garcia, Evan Rodaniche

▶Pre-Production Paul Miner (US) (New Found Glory, Atreyu, Death By Stereo etc.), Gabi Domján

▶Post-Production Evan Rodaniche (Escape The Fate, Powerman 5000, Lacey Sturm)

▶Mixed by Evan Rodaniche (US)

▶Mastered by Tom Waltz (US)

▶Backing Vocals by Joe Carter-Hawkins (singer of All But One)

▶Album Cover by András Bödecs (singer of Idoru)

▶Record Label: Sunny Bastard Records (DE)

▶Written by : ⚠Music written by Gabi Domján

⚠Lyrics written by Zsuzsa Radnóti

The Hellfreaks are:

Zsuzsa Radnóti “Shakey Sue” -Vocals

Jozzy -Guitar, Backing Vocals

Gabi Domján -Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Béla Budai –Drums


01 -Men In Grey

02 -Red Sky

03 -Hello Sea!

04 -Doldrum Dynasty

05 -Witches Heal

06 -Royal Blue

07 -Adrenalized

08 -As Above

09 -Clear Water

10 -Tabby

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