Scenic Route To Alaska Releases Official Music Video For “Daydreaming”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Scenic Route To Alaska*

Daydreaming” was inspired by a cold winter, bad news, and the longing for something warm, wholesome and safe – like the love you find in a new and exciting relationship.

The song captures daydreaming about simpler things while the world unfolds around you.


Watch the official video for “Daydreaming” on YouTube or stream it on SpotifySoundCloud.


We worked with producer Howard Redekopp in Vancouver to create the track, layering the tune to tape, recording all of the bed tracks together simultaneously. We were going for a 70’s, summer rock ‘n roll vibe and wanted that to come across in all of the tones.


“Daydreaming” is meant to conjure thoughts of warm weather and watching the sun come up with the ones you love.


The concept behind the song’s video is taken from real experiences that director Johnny Jansen had while sleepwalking. For four days straight, he had very lucid dreams about waking up in strange environments with some type of problem to solve. The video imagines what it would be like if we were to continue entering dream after dream after dream.
Thanks for listening,
Scenic Route to Alaska


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