thanks. Releases New Single “Busy”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mora/May Agency*

thanks. is Steve Pagano and Mario Borgatta. Combining psychedelic pop, cinematic vibes and electronically influenced beats and melodies, thanks. have succeeded in creating catchy indie pop with an edge. 

The duo emerged after meeting at Berklee College of Music in 2009. It was then that Pagano and Borgatta realized they shared the same sentiment for music and how aligned their goal really was. Together they have accomplished this goal in crafting a sound which is simultaneously unique and accessible to the masses. They set out with the intent to express their story through an artistic portrayal of music and lyrics, and prevailed in culminating a winning formula which can resonate with their audiences. 

Having taken a year out from releasing music, thanks. are now dropping two new singles. The duo express, “We’ve been taking the time to experiment with our overall sound and further develop the identity of thanks”. Now stronger than they’ve ever been before, the duo have crafted a fresher sound, fusing their signature style of indie pop with funk and hip hop, putting their own stamp on contemporary music. 

Leading single ‘Busy’ draws inspiration from a number of things, but the whole concept of the song was to just have fun. Borgatta shares, “We write tons of styles, we have songs that sound like Bruce Springsteen and we have songs that sound like Post Malone. It’s a very open-minded workflow when we’re working on thanks. It’s always for fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not thanks.” Featuring swirling soundscapes and sultry basslines, accompanied with impressive falsetto vocals, ‘Busy’ is the perfect uplifting track. ‘Get Over It’ showcases playful lyrics, colorful synths and infectious melodies, creating the ultimate feel good jam.

Pagano and Borgatta have seen previous success with numerous TV placements on major networks including MTV, ABC and Netflix, as well as having worked on records from world renown, critically acclaimed artists such as Muse, Death Cab For Cutie, Foster The People, Powers, Mallrat and many more.

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