Brielle Ansems Releases New Single “More Than My Heart”

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Brielle Ansems’ latest single “More Than My Heart” is both an apology to a dear friend and attempt at self-forgiveness. 

A few years back, her friend had gone through a harsh ordeal. Ansems herself had next to no financial or emotional stability. She was intensely frustrated that she didn’t have the resources or mental fortitude to be the type of person she thought her friend needed her to be. 

Ansems worked with producer Adam Gallant and Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!), who recorded strings on the track. “More Than My Heart” will be featured on Ansems’ debut album ‘This New Hurricane,’ which is set to release on Mar. 6, 2020. 

‘”More Than My Heart’ is about accepting the limits of what is in our power to give to another person,” Ansems said. “Sometimes, all we have to offer is our heart and that is enough.” 



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