Blowout ‘No Beer, No Dad’ Redux Out Now On Lauren Records

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Blowout “No Dad, No Beer” Redux Out Today!
Blowout is back after a few years hiatus. You can expect new music from them soon, but to kick things off, Lauren Records recently released a redux version of the band’s heralded 2016 “No Beer, No Dad” LP that was remixed and mastered by Jack Shirley. 
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Blowout formed in early 2014 among the moldy furniture and piles of beer cans in their Portland, Oregon basement where they recorded their first EP “We All Float Down Here.” Influenced by the uncommon tunings and noodling guitars of 90s emo, Blowout began writing their LP “No Beer, No Dad” in early 2015. Their songs are a sad celebration of their shared experiences of busted couches, chipped teeth and breakups. Blowout is Laken Wright, Nick Everett, Brennan Facchino and Travis King.

Praise for “No Beer, No Dad”

“Anyone who’s heard a second of Rainer Maria, the Promise Ring or the Anniversary is likely to hear their influence in the Portland band Blowout’s exuberant debut LP.” – Pitchfork

“It’s a collection of pent-up firecracker songs about youthful exuberance and loneliness and the build-up of contingencies over time, and the Portland band takes their dilemmas and translates them into energetic, razor-sharp pop-punk songs.” – Stereogum

“While the late-’90s rise of emo inspired as many fangirls as it did fanboys, the actual band members creating the genre’s canon were predominantly male. So it’s an obvious breath of fresh air to hear Laken Wright, frontwoman of Portland quartet Blowout, taking to songwriting in a style heavily influenced by the genre’s guttural voice and uncommon tunings, with a set of songs that proves just as rebellious and far less whiny than most of her male predecessors.” – Spin

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