French Progressive Metalcore Unit Obsidian Debut First Video-Single “Static Waves”; Debut Album ‘Before’ Coming Out Next Month

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

On the verge of a new decade in metal music, French Progressive Metalcore Unit Obsidian embraces many influences, from post-hardcore to ambient, djent or progressive scenes and merges them into one defined style. Their music is organic, moving constantly between spacious contemplation to forefront rhythmics.

Right now, they just unveiled the first audio and video excerpt from their upcoming album with the single “Static Waves’ available right now on YouTube, Bandcamp and the main streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify…).
This song will feature on the Obsidian first full-length record, called ‘Before’ and coming out on CD & Digital on February (2020).

Watch/Listen the single “Static Waves” on YouTube / Bandcamp // Spotify


…For the record…

Born in 2014 as a solo studio project launched by François, Obsidian became a “real” band two years with the arrival of Antoine, Nathan & Florent.

Together, they began to work on several tracks mixing modern djent-metalbasics to post-hardcore, ambient and metalcore influences, somewhere between Monuments and The Ocean passing through The Contortionist, Rosetta or TesseracT.

On Fall 2018, Obsidian released a first digital single called “Hymn” and then recorded its debut full-length album ‘Before’ planned for a worldwide release on February 2020.  

For fans of The Contortionist, Monuments, TesseracT, The Ocean,…

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