iZotope Releases New Free Version Of Ozone Imager

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*The Following Press Release Was Issued By iZotope*

iZotope Releases New Free Version of Ozone Imager

Ozone Imager Allows Users to Create Natural Stereo in Mixes Instantly

iZotope Inc., Cambridge, MA (December 12, 2019) – iZotope, the experts in intelligent audio technology, offering a new free version of Ozone Imager. Updated with technology from its premier mastering software Ozone 9, Ozone Imager adds a new “Stereoize II” mode, which gives users more options for creating natural stereo effects. Rebuilt with immersive, fluid visuals, full resizability and new processing, the new version of Ozone imager allows users even more flexibility to easily shape tracks in stereo to add natural width to vocals and synths, or create narrow sources to focus bass and drums.


Key features include:

  • Control the width of any track, perfect for making super-wide sounds, or creating narrow mono-like sources. Make pianos, synths, and cymbals fill up stereo image, or tighten up low end by narrowing bass and kick drums.


  • *New* The new version of Ozone Imager adds another way to turn mono tracks into Stereo. Use the new “Stereoize II” mode for more transparent, surgical widening without phase issues or artifacts, perfect for percussive sounds. Or use the classic “Stereoize I” mode for a creative, colorful stereo effect on synths, vocals, guitars, and more.

  • *New* Avoid unbalanced or washy results with multiple metering options that can identify if the mix is too wide, too narrow, or out of phase, now updated with smoother visualizations and full resizability.

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