Chicago’s The JAB Announce Feb 4 Release Of New LP ‘Consume’ Via Medicine/The Orchard/Sony Records; New Single “Riot” Now Streaming

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Photo: Karen Rettig

Chicago’s The JAB has just released “Riot” the first single off the upcoming LP ‘Consume’ which will be released on Feb 4th via Medicine/The Orchard, a Sony-owned company.

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Of the new single, PopMatters’ Jedd Beaudoin writes: “The Jab finds the sweet spot between blues and punk…It’s soulful, complex, and the sound of smoldering rock ‘n’ roll ambitions and swagger presented in an infectious package.”

The JAB frontman Jam Alker was showcasing his punk-blues aesthetic for major labels on the Chicago club circuit just a handful of years ago. With the world at his fingertips, he swapped his guitar for the needle and disappeared for nearly a decade.

In 2014, the birth of his daughter finally flipped the life or death switch and he began treatment. An arduous journey of detox and song-writing therapy laid the foundation for his debut LP, CONSUME.

Tom Stukel, Terry Byrne, Ryan Herrick, and Alex Piazza—all seasoned, dynamic players —collaborate with Jam on blue-collar thinking-man’s music, delivered with grit and transparency.

The result is the bluesy, post-classic rock, modern sludge rock record CONSUME. With bite-sized versions of Led Zeppelin’s monstrously thick-grooved riffs, the sensibilities of a Black Keys album, and an often-deep southern melody, CONSUME is the darkest feel-good record in years.
The JAB released its first single “Riot” on Dec. 13, 2019, and will be touring throughout 2020 in support of the release of CONSUME out on Feb. 4, 2020.

Of the upcoming single, Jam says, “Riot” is a social conscious alarm clock going off next to society’s bed. It’s a rock n roll call to action in response to the restless discontent and disempowerment so many feel in our society – a response to inequality, addiction, consumerism, violence. “Riot” is The JAB’s mission statement.”

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The Jab is:

Jam Alker: lead vocals, guitar

Tom Stukel: drums

Terry Byrne: guitar, keys, etc.

Ryan Herrick: lead guitar

Alex Piazza: bass


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