Canadian Doomers Purveyors Of Sonic Doom: Double EP Feb 2020

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Double EP set for release Feb 7, 2020

Purveyors of Sonic Doom

Purveyors of Sonic Doom are an independant lo-fi sludge duo from Canada set to release a debut double EP on the 7th of February, 2020. These EPs titled “Eyeless Void” and “Entombed Black Earth” will also be released on cassette with a limited run of 25.

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  • 1. Eyeless Void
  • 2. Rot Covered Gold
  • 3. Flayed One
  • 4. Third of the Storms (Hellhammer cover)


  • 1. Seafarers Lament
  • 2. Mongrel Dog
  • 3. Entombed Black Earth
  • 4. Astral Witch 
  • 5. Titan Blood


Purveyors Of Sonic Doom formed the band in March 2019 “out of a mutual appreciation for bands like Winter, Disembowelment, Derketa and Hooded Menace.” said drummer Nick Tooms. “We wanted to create really raw and powerful doom metal with an old school death metal and sludge influence.” After self-recording and self-releasing a demo cassette titled “Death Rides A Horse Called Doom” in early 2019, they were immediately ready to lay down not one debut album, but a double debut album slated for February 7th release. 

Purveyors Of Sonic Doom have been honing their chops at live shows towards the end of the year and have desires play more in 2020 and possibly tour.

Mixed and Mastered: Mike Raymond at Reverence Audio

Artwork: Humancorpse

Members: Nick Tooms (Drums, Backing Vocals) and Ted Gloom (Guitars, Lead Vocals)
From Ottawa, Canada. 

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