Music Bugle Exclusive – Brett Zitzelberg/Zach Grant Of Television Supervision Talk Upcoming Debut Album ‘Waldo,’ Various Singles, Future Plans And More

Photo courtesy of Television Supervision Facebook page.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

While in the process of recording the first half of upcoming debut album ‘Waldo’ with his Television Supervision bandmates Brett Zitzelberg and Cody Rains, Bassist Zach Grant fractured his skull in a skateboard accident and superglued it shut to stop the bleeding.

“I was up all night with a concussion, drove myself to the studio, sang for eight hours and then came in the next day,” said Grant. “We laid down the keys and then I went to the hospital and [the doctors] were like, ‘We don’t even know how you’re walking right now because you should be paralyzed and your brain is bleeding.’ The whole time I was doing it, I was like, ‘As long as I get these songs recorded, I can die happy.'”

Dedication to music has fueled Grant ever since he silently picked up a bass over a decade ago and spontaneously joined Zitzelberg as he played Blink-182’s “Anthem Part Two” on guitar in the high school music room while skipping class.

Now a band of brothers with a “big sound to make up for little instruments,” the Tampa Bay, Fla. punks bring high energy wherever they travel, a proven formula for success. Their musical modus operandi has always been to give people a melodic reliever from everyday stresses.

“I love all kinds of music, so I like to take my influences from everywhere and sort of try to combine them, but in a way that I think sounds cool,” Grant said. “I sort of hate everything on the radio, so when I write songs, I imagine them being played on the radio so that I don’t have to change the station every couple minutes.”

Television Supervision released the single/music video for “Gimme A Girl” on Dec. 16, 2018, which featured the members dressed as women and other hilarious hijinks to highlight their stark sense of humor.

“We wanted a fun song [for the first single] to show that we don’t take ourselves too seriously because there are some serious songs on the album, but this song is just a straight-forward banger,” said Zitzelberg. “We have fun playing it all the time, everybody has fun at the shows. [We wanted to make sure] everybody knows that we’re just all about having fun and that’s really why we chose that song.”

The group signed with Standby Records in July 2019 and have had their music featured on Spotify, with “Gimme A Girl” on the “Skatepark Punks” playlist and follow-up single “Daydreams” on the “New Punk Tracks” playlist.

They released the emotionally powerful video for single “Volcano” on Sep. 26, 2019. Deemed “cinema punk,” the song was written from the perspective of a single mother diagnosed with a terminal illness with only a short time to live. It showcases her struggles with faith and how she had to come to terms with the inevitable and reconcile with her child before her time was up. It builds on the adage that tomorrow’s never promised and life can turn upside down instantly.

“I love writing songs that give myself goosebumps so if any of our songs give someone goosebumps, that’s exactly what I’m going for,” Grant said.

The video for single “‘Til We Dream” dropped on Oct. 21, 2019 and then “One More Sunset” was released as a surprise single a bit more than a month later.

As for the future and what 2020 will bring, the gang hits the road on the “Sluggernaut Tour” with fellow Floridians Bay Street from Jan. 17, 2020 to Feb. 2, 2020, with ‘Waldo’ to be released on the tour’s first day. With a big emphasis on stage presence in their live performances, Television Supervision promises “120 percent at all times” to leave fans thoroughly entertained.

“We’re with the fans,” Zitzelberg said. “We’ve been fans for a long time, so we know how it feels. We want people to know that when we’re on stage, they’re up there with us.”

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