ZINNIA Releases New Album ‘Sensations In Two Dot,’ Shares Focus Track “Yellowstone”

Photo courtesy of Auteur Research.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*

ZINNIA is the Toronto-based art pop project of Rachael Cardiello. ZINNIA brings an explosive range to Cardiello’s writing, equal parts intimate and fierce. Her new album “Sensations In Two Dot” is now out.

Listen To Focus Track ‘Yellowstone’ Now: 

Stream The New Album “Sensations In Two Dot” On Your Favorite Platform: https://linktr.ee/this.is.zinnia

“ZINNIA’s debut album Sensations in Two Dot focuses on moments of doubt – creative, societal, and personal – exploring what it means to hold compassion through the multifaceted, grey areas of life. Whether in the isolated town of Two Dot, Montana (population 143) or the buzzing streets of Toronto (population 2.6 million), these nine songs probe the complex, unsettling similarities found in the human experience: the hauntings of unrelenting dreams, tensions and tender triumphs in relationships, systems of abuse threaded through communities, and the search for compassion and visibility in everyday interactions.” – Rachael

You can find more info, photos, and social links here: http://auteurresearch.com/artists/zinnia/

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