HEXEKRATION RITES: Decibel Magazine Streaming ‘Desekration Manifesto’; EP By French Black/Death Duo Available Via Atavism Records

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HEXEKRATION RITES: Decibel Magazine streaming ‘Desekration Manifesto’; EP by French black/death duo available via Atavism Records 

Parisian deadly duo Hexekration Rites expel a series of baneful, scorching calamities on their EP, Desekration Manifesto. Released on November 22 via Atavism Records (FR) on CD, cassette and digital formats, the debut EP by the black/death nihilists saw its debut at Decibel Magazine. 

“Desekration Manifesto capitalizes on Hexekration Rites’ strengths, enfolding their listener into a tightly coiled, blindly dark hellish embrace,” writes Decibel Magazine in part within their feature. 

Full EP (alongside commentary by H.R. – bassist/vocalist) can be streamed via Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE



French black/death abomination HEXEKRATION RITES was conjured by H.R & C.S in 2018. Due to not having the necessity of additional member for the creation process, the duo, who have been involved in various musical outings for a decade, decided not to recruit any extra member permanently. However, additional members are being recruited for live performances. Although the band moniker might put someone in mind of “bestial black metal” atrocity, Hexekration Rites’ sonic power is sublimated jointly through the vehemence of death metal and the esoteric madness of traditional black metal.

Their first manifestation was exploded throughout the 2-track Demo XXMVIII, came out in September 2018. The limited-edition demo tapes (100 copies) via Atavism Records were quickly sold out.

The debut EP, Desekration Manifesto, is a continuation of the ensemble’s imprecation ritual. Scorched with untamed fury, this EP conveys pure and all-encompassing sonic malevolence. The subject matters of the songs can primarily be traced through the band moniker itself: hate (/execration/) and rituals (/rites/). Above and beyond, the duo explores the self-spiritual emancipation which is powered by a ravenous hatred against all the deserved ones. Achieved individually through knowledge, strength and sacrifices, the spiritual emancipation influences one’s own context and circle.  

Desekration Manifesto comes in the forms of Digipack CDs (500 units) and Cassettes
(100 units) via Atavism Records (FR). In the meantime, the composition of the full-length is being finalized and a French tour is on its way.

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