Shadowlands Unveil New Single “Pining For Time”

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Shadowlands Unveil New Single From 003 LP
Shadowlands is back with a new single from their 003 LP (see Big Takeover premiere).

When Shadowlands’ guitarist of four years announced he was leaving the band for personal reasons, band vocalist and lead songwriter Amy Sabin was grappling with the recent death of a close friend. With the first few songs from third album “003” already underway, she was struggling to find direction with this loss. Enter Amy’s identical twin sister, Angie. Despite performing together as kids, they had never played in a band together, or ever fully considered the idea. Whether through their shared experience, shared DNA, or some other connection, Angie instinctively knew that she was a candidate for the open guitar role. Through a series of late night texts over the vision and shared desire to keep the band alive, Shadowlands was reborn. The band played one of Portland’s most popular venues just one month after Angie joined, followed by their first Treefort Fest Appearance. 

Amy’s music explores anxiety, fear, depression, and isolation. Sabin’s songs sometimes contain moments of joy and subtle irony, a reminder that life can be hopeful and at times requires levity to persevere. Warm analog synths, shimmery guitar, and intricate rhythms carry you through these emotions made real by Amy’s dynamic voice and heartbreakingly vulnerable lyrics. The band is rounded out by Amy’s husband Casey Logan on drums and Amy’s “band husband” (she jokes it’s an official title earned after 15+ years playing in bands together), Jesse Elizondo on bass.

Shadowlands released “003” on November 22nd and the band celebrated with a release show on November 23rd at the Fixin To in Portland Oregon and will play December 14th at the Highline in Seattle Washington. 

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