Wolf Theory Releases First Single On Captiva Records/Redeye Worldwide

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Captiva Records*


Available now as a streaming and digital download the new single “February,” WOLF THEORY’s brand-new track, out on Captiva Records / Redeye Worldwide, from the upcoming new album.

“February” is a mixture of rock, alternative and electronic with a granitic rhythm section, mighty guitar parts that explode into a powerful solo, refined electronic elements and a biting voice with addictive melodic lines.

The song “tells about my fear concerning the current society, and about what we’ll leave to the new generations, like my daughter… – tells Emiliano (vocals) – The future we’re now able to forecast is not the best one, that’s why fear and concerns are really so heavy.”


I’m so scared, where are you?

and this fear never ends

Hopeless screams coming from you

I can’t sleep anymore these days

I can’t see you…


The lyrics have been written by the singer Emiliano Camellini, music by Wolf Theory, arrangements by oZZo. Recorded at 33HZ Studio in Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) by Frank Altare, “February” showcases the production by Ivano oZZo Tomba, mixing by Danilo Di Lorenzo & Ivano oZZo Tomba at MoonHouse Recording (Milano) and mastering by Danilo Di Lorenzo – MoonHouse Recording (Milano).


Excited to launch the new phase of their musical journey through the recent signing with the American Captiva Records / Redeye Worldwide, WOLF THEORY is an exclusive combo of five musicians with a high-profile in the rock/metal Italian scene which includes extensive experience sharing the stage with some of the biggest international touring acts. 

Emi Camellini – Vocals
Elio Alien Fabro – Guitars
Fabio Random Petrelli – Bass
Teo Camellini – Drums
Ivano oZZo Tomba – Synth, electronics






WOLF THEORY is an exploding combination of rock, alternative, electronics and industrial elements, into a unique style. Born in 2017 by the union of four musicians with important experiences in the past on the rock/metal scene, claiming openings for international acts such as Rammstein, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, HIM and Disturbed (among others). In the same year the band released new tracks and decided to perform in different selected cities in Italy, preparing themselves for the real international debut. In 2018 oZZo joined the band, passing from being the band’s producer to a real member, as synths player. The signing with Captiva Records / Redeye Worldwide pushes WOLF THEORY directly overseas, ready with the  anticipation from the upcoming release.

Download Here: https://ffm.to/february

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