Sleave’s Debut Album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ Out Now

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Sleave (Richmond, VA) Debut Album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ Out Now


“Richmond, VA’s Sleave brings together elements of alternative rock, punk, and American hardcore while also being reminiscent of the American grunge and emo movements of the 90’s…constantly shifts your expectations and impressions… manages to simultaneously remind of you of artists that you wouldn’t normally put together, shifting between indie and punk rock and resembling a collision between Editors, Gaslight Anthem and the Smoking Popes. The melodic and introspective side of indie is artfully blended with punk and hardcore aggression, something that surfaces in the tracks without warning…”- The Punk Site

“A set of vocals that pour out with emotions, guitars weep with melodies — Sleave know how to tie their emotions into their art. Blending multiple genres in their glimmer, the group infuses a weight into their music that lifts upon being heard. Sleave open the lid to a swirling catharsis of harsh vocals and swelling melodies.”- New Noise Magazine

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Richmond, VA’s SLEAVE recently released their debut album ‘Don’t Expect Anything’ on UK indie label Engineer Records.

Formed in 2016, Sleave began after Julien Robert and Charlie Bowen met at a party, where they quickly bonded over a shared interest in punk and alternative music. A series of impromptu jam sessions at Julien’s parent’s house during the fall of 2015 quickly turned into a full project. During this time, Sam Mclelland joined the band on bass and in January of 2016, Sleave officially formed.

The band’s presence grew steadily over the next two years, in which they debuted two releases (‘Gold EP 2016’ and Better Now/Empty Talk 7” 2017) and played countless shows in and around Richmond. The band then took a performing hiatus in 2018 to record what was rumored to be their first full-length album. The band worked tirelessly with the help of Pedro Aida of Audio Verite Studios and Andreas Magnusson, both of whom they had worked with on previous releases. During this time, Daniel Salinas replaced Sam Mclelland on bass; and the current Sleave lineup was formed.

Finally, in June 2019, Sleave announced their partnership with UK label Engineer Records, and that their first album was finally completed.
‘Don’t Expect Anything’ is out now. 


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