Portland “Bubblegum Doom” Duo Fox Medicine Release New Song/Music Video “Ice Cream Man”; LP ‘Procédures Mystiques’ Out Now

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“…”Comfort Pony”, three minutes of Melvins-cum-Throbbing Gristle mastery that clangs and clatters with the best of early Soundgarden when the fabled Seattle outfit could still offer up a proper piss take.”- PopMatters


Catch the two-piece sprinkling a delightfully strange brand of hypnotic and fuzzy noise rock on their Bubblegum Doom Tour.

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Photo: Sal Wazinski

Fox Medicine is a two-piece band from Portland, OR. They specialize in a boutique sound called Bubblegum Doom – a noisy distortion cocktail inspired by founding forefathers such as Melvins, Sonic Youth and Throbbing Gristle.

The duo released their new album PROCÉDURES MYSTIQUES on November 8th.

“Ice Cream Man” Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUjehJBZlyk

“Comfort Pony” Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHRbaNCzyh0

Neezy Dynamite (guitar/vocals) had been tinkering with her songwriting and sound for years in various underground bands until one night she met Vanny Keeps (drums/vocals) at a show. The two bonded musically and started recording “fuzzy DIY demos” and playing shows in late 2016.

Just as the band was getting tighter, they ran into their dream producer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Helmet, Tool, Big Business), while eating a burger at a North Portland venue. After 5 days in the studio together, Kasai claims that Fox Medicine is “the weirdest band” he’s ever worked with, and describes their sound as “Black Sabbath with J-Pop Vocals.” The result of the collaboration is an intriguing first studio album, definitive of the fictional genre.

“PROCÉDURES MYSTIQUES is a strawberry milkshake you drink as you walk through a dark alley of some creepy fairy tale,” Neezy hypothesizes. She insists that the record has therapeutic properties, saying, “I hope this record is a soothing experience for people, the way a certain heaviness and intensity is so nourishing when nothing else will do. But also, it’s kind of silly because life is not that serious”. On stage, the band is whimsical and hypnotic, loud chaos reeling you in, one strange song at a time.

You can catch Fox Medicine touring on the west coast for the rest of 2019. See below. New dates added!

Fox Medicine Bubblegum Doom Tour Dates (more TBA)

11/17 Reno, NV -Jub Jubs

11/22 Sacramento, CA- On The Y

11/23 Los Angeles, CA/Highland Park- The Offbeat Bar (6pm)

11/24 DTLA- King Eddy’s

12/6 San Diego, CA – Til Two Club

12/7 Los Angeles, CA- Silverlake Lounge

12/14 Portland, OR -High Water Mark

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