APOTHEUS: Portuguese Prog Death Group Shares New Track “The Darkest Sun”; Album ‘The Far Star’ Out Now Via Black Lion Records

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APOTHEUS: Portuguese prog death group shares new track “The Darkest Sun”; album ‘The Far Star’ out now via Black Lion Records

Prog infused melodeath group APOTHEUS recently released their second album The Far Star. The Portuguese quartet took a completely different approach with their first ever conceptual album, blending melodies with the story and emotion. The opus unfolds the untold story of our ancestry — a painful journey of survival in the majesty of the cosmos, but also a delicate introspective about the human nature. The Isaac Asimov inspired album reveals how the collision of two worlds resulted something new: a hope, a mission and a destination.
Out November 01st via Black Lion Records, each track of this sophomore album illustrates a different chapter of this epic saga.

Apotheus are currently streaming the 5th track “The Darkest Sun” as the third and the final single from the album. “This is about two conflicting emotions,” the band inform. “It’s a song about departure and leaving your loved ones behind, but it’s also about the hot blooded rapture you feel when facing a new journey. ‘The Far Star’ is about a journey and “The Darkest Sun” is about its departure.”

APOTHEUS – The Darkest Sun (Official track)

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The video for the track “A New Beginning” came out a month ago, can be streamed RIGHT HERE

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