PRSNA Take On Scene Politics With New Single And Music Video “Cut Throat”

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PRSNA Take On Scene Politics with New Single and Music Video, “Cut Throat”

“Well f*ck your scene, We’re coming back again.”


“…an incredibly enticing, catchy pop-rock single that is the perfect example of a band that has gone through it all, and chooses to use their infectious guitars and songwriting to cope.”- Substream Magazine

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“Cut Throat” Music Video:

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“Our music scene is held hostage by a group of people pulling the strings that serve their own personal agendas. Promoters pass on bands who are buzzing for a band they are friends with. The scene stagnates because the audience is tired of seeing a bill with the same 6 bands playing the same recycled songs. We are told not to say anything. We are told to keep quiet and hope it gets better,” PRSNA tells Substream. “‘Cut Throat’ is the voice for anyone who feels this way. ‘Cut Throat’ is an attack on these issues that plague our scene. ‘Cut Throat’ is the notion to anybody going through something like this. Speak your mind, fight back, come together, face everything and rise.“- PRSNA

When life becomes a series of “Fight or Flight” and “Sink or Swim,” will you be up for the challenge? Long Island pop-rock outfit PRSNA certainly is, emerging from the shadows & swinging with a vengeance.

PRSNA defines the triumphs & tragedies of life through melodic vocals, infectious guitars & a blood rushing rhythm that dresses modern pop-punk with their indie & pop-rock roots. Their latest single “Cut Throat” is the perfect example of this sentiment.

Since 2011, PRSNA has released 2 EPs, 10 singles (accompanied by music videos) & have shared the stage with acts such as Third Eye Blind, Twenty-One Pilots & Envy on the Coast. They returned from a brief hiatus in 2017 with a fresh lineup & a better understanding of their sound & who they are.

“We were putting our hearts & souls into this and our personal lives were taking a toll and falling apart,” explains singer Tom Spartinos.

“Taking a step back from this part of my life for a little hurt, but I needed that period to fight my demons & heal the wounds in my personal life” adds guitarist Costas Themistocleous.

In 2018, a lawsuit was filed against the group by an artist going under the same name “Persona.” They decided to settle the matter civilly & change their name to PRSNA.

PRSNA, now firing on all cylinders again will be releasing one more single, an acoustic EP & a DVD documentary before heading to The Barber Shop Studios in January 2020 to record their long-awaited 3rd EP with Gary Cioni.

PRSNA will be taking their all-new live performance on the road all throughout the year. Their revitalized live performance is described by the group’s manager as a “climactic experience with visuals, theatrics & an out of the box presence that will capture & retain the audience-attention for weeks to come”. Outside of music, PRSNA will be releasing a cartoon series & 2 mobile phone games by the summer of 2020.

PRSNA is: Tom Spartinos (Vocals & Guitar), Costas Themistocleous (Lead Guitar), Sam Trestman (Bass & Vocals) & CJ Kostaras (Drums)

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