Nasalrod Announce East Coast Tour And New Track

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Nasalrod Announce East Coast Tour and New Track

have announced an east coast tour and a new track from the upcoming “Nadine Records Vol 1” sampler compilation from Nadine Records….

The Portland Mercury says “Nasalrod’s live performances exceed expectations, with vocalist Chairman embodying an unhinged hybrid of David Yow, Keith Morris, and Mike Patton, rarely standing still and typically hovering about four feet off the ground. The dynamic, rhythmic interplay between bassist Mandy Morgan, drummer Spit Stix (of LA punk legends FEAR), and guitarist Mustin Douch is easily one of the most formidable aural attacks in the city.”

New Noise Magazine says “Nasalrod play a spastic take on prog metal that would appeal to fans of Mr Bungle, Brainiac, Jesus Lizard, Primus, or Minutemen.”

Named after the bone in Screamin’ Jay’s nose, Nasalrod has found that originality and insanity can go hand in hand. Lead singer Chairman’s sneering, kooky yet soulful vocals soar over a sound that is simultaneously melodic, violent and convulsive. Spit Stix (a founding member of the seminal L.A. punk band FEAR), guitarist Mustin Douch, and bassist Mandy Morgan (formerly of Recess Records band Berzerk) provide a sonic backdrop that is the twisted and theatrical heart of Nasalrod. 

The Portland band’s “Building Machines” LP was released on Nadine Records in the fall of 2017, and armed with their notoriously frantic live show, Nasalrod has shared stages with Mike Watt, Toys That Kill, Torche, and Melt-Banana.

Tour Dates
Oct 18th Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway (with Big Eyes and Art Gray Noizz Quintet)
Oct 19th New Haven, CT @ the Church (with Perennial)
Oct 20th Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb’s (with Northern Liberties & Beerbreakfastdungeonouscrab)
Oct 21st Boston, MA @ Charlie’s Kitchen
Oct 22nd Providence, RI @ Dus
Oct 23rd Albany, NY @ Pauly’s Hotel
Oct 24th Baltimore, MD @ Joe Squared (with Teen Mortgage)
Oct 25th Washington, DC @ Slash Run (with Minus Drag & Wolves of the Dry Ravine)
Oct 26th Brooklyn, NY @ The Bootleg (with Moral Panic & Jonny Couch)

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