Swiss Noise/Powerwave/Grunge/Shoegaze Sensation KØDE Crack YouTube With The Video Of “Heloïse”; Debut Album ‘Discrète Transformation’ Coming Soon

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2 years after the release of their first EP ‘Random Zero’ (2017, Cold Smoke Records) and months of hard work, the new sensation of the Swiss alternative/indie musical scene KØDE is about to give birth to its debut full-length album called ‘Discrète Transformation’ and coming out on October 18th and for CD/LP/Digital through Division Records (Bunkr; Unfold…).

In the meantime, the band, which created something unique; evolving between noise, power-wave, dream-pop, indie/grunge and shoegaze, just unveiled a first glance from their upcoming effort with the music video of the single “Heloïse” available right now on YouTube, while pre-orders are already opened on the label’s webstore.   

‘You may feel desire and you’d like to be true. You don’t want to have sex as you were taught by TV, Hollywood movies and society, but as a person, as a child who’s never been taught about all this shit. Let’s get rid of what is expected from us. This is what this video is about.‘

Watch the official music video of “Heloïse” [ Pre-order the album on Division Records


For those familiar with Random Zero, their 2017 EP, Discrete Transformation promises a somewhat different outing – both ‘icy and boiling at the same time’. If “Héloïse” is anything to go by, Discrete Transformation is certain to keep listeners coming back for more, with a hefty gravity to its weighty charm. The ten tracks on offer are advertised as ‘hypnotic jewels that unashamedly display KØDE’s immense talent’.

With guitars that straddle territory between overwhelmingly heavy and softly punishing, the other musical elements make for a potent mix, capped off by contagious melodies which lodge themselves in the brain. In the hands of Julien Fehlmann’s conscientious production (Unfold, The Ocean, Dirge, among others), KØDE’s is a music that utilises the shifting of mood and intensity as a landmark of their sound: promising that Discrete Transformation will surely become a lifelong favourite for those ensnared by its sultry roughness. (Everything Is Noise, September 2019)

For fans of Chelsea Wolfe, Hole, The Dead Weather, (The) Melvins…


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