Freezing Cold Premiere New Single “Parentheses”; Debut Full-Length LP ‘Glimmer’ Out September 27 Via Salinas Records

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Freezing Cold came together in early 2017 as friends. Having spent time growing up together in the New York DIY music community in bands like Bridge and Tunnel, Weed Hounds, and Aye Nako had the members Jeff Cunningham (guitar and vocals), Angie Boylan (drums and vocals – who is currently the touring drummer for Sleater Kinney), and Nick Rice (bass) have all known each other for years. They released a 3-song demo, making a music video for their song “Shape of Escape”and playing shows throughout the North East of the US. Their introspective heart-on-the-sleeve style of indie rock mixed with the unspoken musical magnetism that brought them together was evident in their early performances.

The band’s debut album combines lush sounds with earnest storytelling, creating music that is reminiscent of Lemonheads, Throwing Muses, Sebadoh, Archers of Loaf, Ride, with a dash of punk, rounding out select tracks with keyboards and a few with a string section. Listening through Glimmer and standout tracks “New Ways to Wait,” “Parentheses,” “Teenage Insights,” and “Squint to See,” Freezing Cold defy simplistic genre comparisons. The only thing that the listener can be sure of is that these songs are inward in their thinking and played close to the chest. Their influences are as varied as the members, which shines through in the varied pace and approach of Glimmer.

Glimmer not only introduces us to a band at the beginning of their stride, but also to a group of individuals with a passion for their craft. The album was recorded and mixed by engineer, producer, and recording artist J. Robbins (Against Me!, Promise Ring, Lemuria, Jawbox) at Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore in March of 2019.

Glimmer will be available from Salinas Records on September 27th, 2019! The band will celebrate with a release show on September 28th at the Footlight in New York!

Listen To “Parentheses” Below Via Soundcloud: 


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