Belgian Punk Rock/Pop Punk Band For I Am Releasing ‘Late Bloomers’ This November

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Belgian Punk Rock/Pop Punk Band For I Am Releasing ‘LATE BLOOMERS’ This Fall

Vinyl and Digital LP Out in November

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Photo: Eden Kittiver

Belgian fivesome For I Am are stepping up their game to a whole new level with the release of their brand new full album, ‘Late Bloomers.’

“Late Bloomers is what we are ourselves as a band, really. It shows how much we’ve matured in every way… in our music, in our lyrics and definitely in the time and effort we’ve put into creating this album. We truly hope people will see and hear that growth and will want to grow together with us!”
– Hanne, vocalist

The punk rock/pop punk outfit is proud to announce ‘Late Bloomers’ will be available on:

exclusive violet neon vinyl and digipack CD through Sound Speed Records (US) on November 15, 2019
exclusive yellow neon vinyl and digipack CD through Bearded Punk Records (BE) on November 16, 2019
exclusive pink neon vinyl and digipack CD through For I Am on November 16, 2019
exclusive orange neon vinyl and digipack CD through Fond Of Life Records (DE), La Agonía De Vivir (ES) (only vinyl), Lockjaw Records (UK), No Reason Records (IT) and Punk & Disorderly Records (CAN) on November 16, 2019.

A Japanese release on digipack CD will be out on Milestone Sounds (JAP) on November, 16 as well.

A digital release will be issued on November 11, 2019.

Pre order links:

Bearded Punk (BE):
Sound Speed (US):
No Reason (IT):
Lock Jaw (UK):
Fond Of Life (DE):
La Agonia de Vivir (ES):
Punk & Disorderly (CAN):
Trilob (NL):
Milestone Sound (JAP):

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Since playing their first show in 2014, For I Am have grown into one of the most well-known and active bands in the Belgian punk scene. The band’s always been a proud advocate of upbeat, powerful pop-punk songs with catchy hooks and strong vocals by lead singer Hanne.

Over the course of 5 years, the band has released an EP called ’15 Minutes Late’ (2015), a debut album by the name of ‘All About Perspectives’ (2017) and compilation CD made for their Japanese Tour in 2019.

Encouraged by their rising sales and enthused audiences, the band went back to the studio and recorded its second full album called ‘Late Bloomers,’ The album will be released on November 11th, 2019.

To promote their music, For I Am played a great deal of national and international shows, including several international tours through Europe, the UK and Japan. On top of that, they opened club shows for bands such as The Bombpops, Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Frenzal Rhomb, Iron Chic, Not On Tour and Satanic Surfers.

2019 has been a great year for the band as they got to play Belgian punk festivals GROEZROCK, El Topo Goes Loco and Brakrock Ecofest and they also headed out to Slovenia a second time for Punk Rock Holiday.

Future plans involve getting out on the road even more, playing festivals and heading out on tour if the opportunity arises to promote the new album as much as possible.

For I Am is:

Stef Berghmans on guitar

Bjorn Blommé on guitar

Hanne Terweduwe on vocals

Stijn Janssens on drums

Bo Moris on bass guitar


‘Late Bloomers’ Tracklist:

01. Between Us

02. Relentless Idiometry

03. No Ragrets

04. 1978

05. All About Perspectives

06. P.I.G.O.T.R.Y.

07. Oblivion

08. Riddle Me This

09. Late Bloomer

10. The Armistice

11. Black Coffee Mornings

12. Articulate

13. Die Hard

14. Nowheresville Motel

15. Obsolete

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What others have said about For I Am:

“…fantastically catchy, fast pop-punk with oodles of fun ‘whoa-oh’-type singalongs, like Descendents meets Paramore meets the best party you’ve ever been to….”- Shout Louder

“…terrific punk rock with amazingly strong female vocals reminiscent of Paramore but much more aggressive. With pounding bass, fast paced guitar licks… I’m instantly in love.” Punk Online

“…one of the most exciting pop-punk albums I’ve heard in a while.”- Colin’s Punk Rock World

“For I Am keep proving that they have the skills to make great pop (punk) songs but also ass-kicking punk rock tunes.”- Out Of Step Fanzine

“They still pack plenty of energy and stay true to their love of big hooks, but they have also grown as songwriters in the past two years, creating an album that will equally attract those with a love of fast punk rock and those with more of a taste for catchy pop punk. In other words, “All About Perspectives” is an album which is sure to gain a legion of new fans…”- Punkanormal Activity

“…the vocals provided by vocalist Hanne are out of this world; melodic, danceable and just plain perfect.”- RMP Magazine


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