French Acid-Fuzz/Psych/Stoner-Rock Duo Electric Jaguar Baby Premiere New Single “Witch I Love”; New Album Coming Out October 25

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

After they released three EPs in three years ( ‘EP 1’, ‘Moonshiner’ and ‘Old Songs From Beyond’ ) and then an EP compilation last year, French acid-fuzz/psych/rock/stoner duo Electric Jaguar Baby is about to release its debut full-length album planned for a physical/digital release on October 25th through El Diablo Records and Slice of Wax Records (Medicine Boy, etc.) .
 In the meantime, the band just premiered a first audio glance from this upcoming record with the single “Witch I Love” available right now on Bandcamp and the MrDoom666 YouTube Channel.

Buy/Stream the single “Witch I Love” on Bandcamp

…For the record…

ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY was born in Paris in 2015, from the ashes of No Cure and 7 Days Before. A drummer and a guitarist, both of them singers, stride across Josh Homme’s desert, flirt with the Black Keys’ choruses and explore Jack White’s saturated riffs.
The duet generates a catchy sound with psychedelic atmospheres, hovering between rock’n’roll and fuzz. After releasing a first EP in November 2016 and ‘Moonshiner’ EP in March 2017 which were warmly welcomed by French and foreign critics, the band left their garage and trampled stages with their boots across France and Europe with bands like Yeti Lane, Charle’s Howl, Astrodome or Death Valley Girls, & L.A Witch. They grabbed their old microphones and a 8-tracks-recorder in their cellar in Paris to capture their  live energy with a 70’s vibe to put out 5 songs.
Their 3rd EP in 2 years : ‘Old songs From Beyond’ was released on March 28th 2018 (4 original songs and a Jimi Hendrix cover), again on handmade limited CDs and cassette tapes through their own label : El Diablo Records ! All of this 100% DIY. From Paris with fuzz
For fans of DFA1979, Queens Of The Stone Age, Ty Segall…

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