The Actual Goners Share New Track ‘Temptation’

Photo courtesy of Auteur Research.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*

The Actual Goners came into being after a hedonistic ramble in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Tristan Armstrong, who was living in Toronto, had been in town visiting longtime friend Duncan Symonds who was attending university in Louisiana at the time. Nearing the end of that momentous night Armstrong suggested they get matching bumblebee tattoos to commemorate their years of friendship. Symonds, having a slightly clearer head in that moment, held off on the idea, but instead suggested that when his degree was complete, he would move to Toronto and they would start a musical project together.

Their new single “Temptation” takes influence from current indie-pop heavyweights while paying homage to Canadian roots-rock musicians.

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