MD’s Lifetime Shitlist New ‘Bad Blood’ LP Out Aug. 16th On Grimoire Records; Track “Not Yet” Premieres At No Clean Singing

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LIFETIME SHITLIST debuts new single “NOT YET” off their upcoming album from Grimoire Records. Check out the track premiere at NO CLEAN SINGING:

“…vocalist (and bassist) Ned Westrick‘s punk yells are even more raw and incinerating on this new song, providing jolts of high-voltage electricity all by themselves. The song also hammers and pounds just as brutally as the title track, with the kind of rhythmic power (and mammoth low-end tone) that leaves a listener no choice but to move, interspersed with some brief stop-start breaks that make the starts sound like bombs going off. The riffs are dirty and daunting, and at times downright demented, but revert to rapid chugging grooves that are irresistible (spiced with miserable little leads).” ~ No Clean Singing

LIFETIME SHITLIST’s rallying cry from the start has been ‘keep it simple and keep it dirty.’ Formed in beautiful, aromatic, downtown Baltimore in 2012, steeped in tradition with an alchemic meld of hardcore and doom metal infused by guitarist Matt Crocco (Iron Boss, Rancid Decay), vocalist and bassist Ned Westrick (Indictments, Ironchrist), guitarist Corey Fleming, and drummer Ryan Larkin. Arriving on August 16th from Grimoire Records,  ‘BAD BLOOD’ is the fourth recorded outing from LIFETIME SHITLIST. Set for release nearly two years to the day since their well-received 2017 full-length ‘Slow March’, the forthcoming ‘BAD BLOOD’ is eight songs of wonderfully brutal, unyielding reality from an intensely broad-minded band. More heaviness, more speed, more filth.

Guitarist Matt Crocco chimes in on the new album: 

“We worked hard on these songs and, against all odds, I think we’ve put out a killer record. Ned brought his bass back into active status for this one and, like the amazing bastard he is, now handles dual-duty on vocals. We just want to get the music out there and into everyone’s ears.”


‘Bad Blood’ Tracklist:
01. Bad Blood
02. Uncanny Valley
03. Double Blind
04. Not Yet
05. Proud Boys
06. Everyone Thinks They Will Survive The Apocalypse
07. Bonfire of The Vanities
08. The Ballad
‘Bad Blood’ was recorded in the Spring of 2019, by Noel Mueller. The album was mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. Cover photo by O.G. Mason, with layout by Mueller.
The ‘Bad Blood’ album will be released via limited edition CD and digital download or streaming on August 16th through Grimoire Records. Pre-ordering is available as of June 26th. 

‘Bad Blood’ will be available August 16th from Grimoire Records:

Limited edition CD and Digital pre-order is open now.

Matt Crocco – Guitar
Ryan Larkin – Drums
Corey Fleming – Guitar
Ned Westrick- Vocals, BassLifetime Shitlist, everybody has one and everyone is on one.

“…like a strong current of hardcore punk and noise grown up and developed an affinity for thicker riffing, as songs like the opening title-track and the also-crash-happy “Double Blind” demonstrate, and there’s a balance between those sides as well as one between some of the instrumental subtlety at play…” ~ The Obelisk

“…loaded with riffs that are just a little too heavy to be considered punk, but a little too dirty to be considered metal. Lifetime Shitlist completely nails a mostly forgotten art in the realm of how to fuck shit up.” – Riff Relevant

“Lifetime Shitlist feels completely pretension-free; the album comes across like they just thrash and yell because it’s what they love to do, and sadly it’s something of a breath of fresh air in that sense. It’s the kind of sincerity a huge chunk of metal bands could learn from…” ~ The Sludgelord

“Infusing a punk attitude into a metal aesthetic, they come across like a much heavier version of Motörhead. Plenty of feedback and distortion, a rumbly bass with a sweet dirty tone and the occasional hint of d-beat and grind influences.” ~ Valley Of Steel

‘Bad Blood’ will be available August 16th from Grimoire Records:

Limited edition CD and Digital Pre-orders are open now.

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