Metal Assault Mixtape: First Track Revealed Via Blabbermouth; Digital Pre-Orders Launched

Artwork for Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 1 (Photo courtesy of Metal Assault Records.)

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Metal Assault Records*

Metal Assault Records is very, very thrilled to unveil the final band lineup and track listing for Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 1, our very own and very first summer compilation release, featuring 9 of the finest purveyors of underground heavy music! 9 bands, 9 brand new, previously unreleased tunes.

The mixtape is releasing on August 9, and will be available on cassette tape (limited to 100 copies only), as well as all digital platforms. Every purchase of the cassette tape comes with a free digital download of the whole compilation album. Pre-orders are live on the Metal Assault web store.

Below is the full track listing, along with a brief intro of every band.


1. Old Blood – Bloody Feathers: Los Angeles psychedelic hard rock / acid doom group Old Blood has undergone a major lineup change in 2019, with the exit of original frontwoman Feathers and the introduction of Lynx at the helm. “Bloody Feathers” is the band’s first single with Lynx on vocals. This scintillaing new song marks the closing of the Feathers chapter and the beginning of the next one, and without doubt, the perfect opening track for this mixtape.

Old Blood links: website | facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

2. Tzimani – Carry On: San Diego hard rock / New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal duo Tzimani released their self-titled debut EP in 2018 and is working on a full-length, but even whilst they do so, they delved into their vault and dug out a rare gem, “Carry On”, which makes for a great entry into this compilation, with its catchy melodies and grooves that lend it that undeniable “instant classic” feel.

Tzimani links: website | facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

3. Hrom – Struck by The Dawn: Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, this traditional heavy metal / power metal group is a union of multi-faceted musicians that possess the remarkable ability to lend their talents to more than one band at a time. But when it comes to this sub-genre of heavy music, Hrom nails the hammer on the head and delivers the goods. “Struck by The Dawn” is epic old-school heavy metal at its finest.

Hrom links: facebook | instagram | bandcamp

4. Corners Of Sanctuary – Liar and a Faker: Formed in 2011 with the aim of revitalizing classic heavy metal, Philadelphia PA band Corners Of Sanctuary has gone from strength to strength in their 8-year existence thus far and shows no signs of slowing down. Reminiscent of the likes of classic metal legends like Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate, but also a nod to modern-day stalwarts such as Spellcaster, Corners Of Sanctuary enriches this mixtape with a brand new song called “Liar and a Faker”, produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer, and an apt representation of all things great about classic metal.

Corners Of Sanctuary links: website | facebook | twitter | instagram

5. Tyranis – Scarred For Life: Tyranis has been a well-respected and admired name in the Southern California underground heavy music scene for a number of years. Based in Orange, California, Tyranis delivers the knockout punch to bring Side A of this compilation to a close. No heavy metal mixtape would be complete without an out-and-out raw skate-thrash rager, and that is exactly what Tyranis brings to the table here, with the unstoppable, unrelenting, aptly titled new single, “Scarred For Life”.

Tyranis links: website | facebook | instagram


6. Haunted Garage – Surf Nazis Must Die: Legends in our world for more than three decades, Haunted Garage is a Los Angeles based shock rock / horror metal / crossover punk group led by vocalist Dukey Flyswatter, who is also known for appearing in several B-horror movies in the ’80s and ’90s. Haunted Garage released their iconic debut album Possession Park in ’91 on Metal Blade Records and has released two EPs as well as appeared on numerous movie soundtracks. We are honored to have this band give us a brand new anthemic number, “Surf Nazis Must Die”, to open Side B of this mixtape.

Haunted Garage links: website | facebook | instagram

7. MX Machine – Devils Highway: MX Machine is a name that has existed since 1985 in the Los Angeles metal scene, and the band has rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of the scene from back in those days. The name has very much been kept alive since then, thanks to their ’88 LP Manic Panic, as well as sporadic releases and concert appearances, since 2007 in particular. Fast forward to 2019, MX Machine is releasing a new song called “Devils Highway”, exclusively via this mixtape. We are all about promoting the Los Angeles metal scene and keeping its legacy alive, and in that spirit, we could not think of a more fitting band than MX Machine.

MX Machine links: facebook

8. Zinngeschrei – Amok: Instrumental power trio Zinngeschrei brings together three talented musicians from three different parts of the world, and their eclectic, dynamic brand of musical creativity is very much a reflection of this fact. Inspired by and reminiscent of classic prog but simultaneously brandishing modern elements, Zinngeschrei has the power to enhance the quality of any multi-artist lineup or project they participate in, whether it be a live gig, or a mixtape like this one. Zinngeschrei lets their musical expression run wild with their compelling new single, “Amok”.

Zinngeschrei links: facebook

9. Ancient Fears – Trial to Fire: Last but by no means least, is perhaps the newest band on this compilation. Witnessed by many in the city’s heavy music underground but only as a mesmerizing live act, LA’s own Ancient Fears makes its first attempt to capture their bestial intensity and mind-bending psychedelia in a studio recording, with the haunting debut single, “Trial To Fire”. By far the longest track on this mixtape, it deserved its own space to breathe, and thereby it features as the closing track. Doom has a new synyonym, and it is Ancient Fears.

Ancient Fears links: facebook | twitter | instagram

In other news, we are conducting two events to celebrate the release of the mixtape, wherein most of the aforementioned bands will be performing.

Metal Assault Mixtape release parties:

 1. Saturday August 10 @ Old Towne Pub (Pasadena CA), featuring Old Blood, Ancient Fears, Tzimani, Tyranis and Zinngeschrei. For $10, you get entry into the show as well a a free copy of the mixtape! Ticket + cassette bundles available for pre-sale here.
facebook event page

2. Saturday August 31 @ Petie’s Place (Tarzana CA), featuring Haunted Garage and MX Machine, plus local support acts Darwen’s Theory and Satanic Johnny
facebook event page

Some of the tracks will be revealed in the weeks leading up to the release, and digital pre-orders will also be launched very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Metal Assault Mixtape Vol. 1 track listing:

1. OLD BLOOD – Bloody Feathers (4:22)
2. TZIMANI – Carry On (3:52)
3. HROM – Struck by The Dawn (4:38)
4. CORNERS OF SANCTUARY – Liar and a Faker (4:23)
5. TYRANIS – Scarred For Life (3:58)


6. HAUNTED GARAGE – Surf Nazis Must Die (4:51)
7. MX MACHINE – Devils Highway (3:31)
8. ZINNGESCHREI – Amok (3:36)
9. ANCIENT FEARS – Trial to Fire (7:16)

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