HERESIARCH: Decibel Debuts Track From The 4-Way Split CD With Serpents Athirst, Genocide Shrines And Trepanation

Photo courtesy of Qabar – Extreme Music PR.

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Ever since storming into the underworld of extreme music with Genocide Shrine’s debut EP in 2012, CYCLOPEAN EYE PRODUCTIONS have kept pushing the envelope from the fathoms of the underground to discharge some of the finest and fiercest sonic gems. The Indian label, once again, is setting the bar high with a special cross-continental split CD, featuring Sri Lankan warmongers GENOCIDE SHRINES and SERPENTS ATHIRST and New Zealand’s malignant entities HERESIARCH and TREPANATION. This four-track split, titled Scorn Coalescence, offers one brand new and exclusive number from each unit. These four punishing segments of the split together demonstrate the destructive nature of the human beings by alluding to the absolute of the individual in terms of conquest and survival as well as the futility of the situation in the grander scheme; it’s the fulfillment and rejection of “fate” at the same time.

Scorn Coalescence will see its release on CD this July 26th, but today, Decibel Magazine debuts the HERESIARCH number “Dread Prophecy” as the first taste of this destructive split release. 

Explains Heresiarch vocalist, N.H.:

“Following many years of correspondence, I visited the Pannipitiya cult in Sri Lanka during June 2016,” explains Heresiarch vocalist, N.H., via email. “The split was decided during this time with Trepanation from New Zealand agreeing to the collaboration and Genocide Shrines and Serpents Athirst representing the domain of Ravana.

“Our offering ‘Dread Prophecy’ details two men in close quarters combat, fighting to the death beneath the shadow of a dying sun. Planetary collapse and mass destruction beckon but their core focus is on a singular duty.

“It represents the absolute of the individual in terms of perception, consciousness, will to destroy and survive and conversely the futility of their deeds and existence within the grander macrocosm . . . It’s both the fulfillment and rejection of ‘fate.’ All and/or nothing which has parallels with Genocide Shrines…”

Stream “Dread Prophecy” via Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE


COVER ART: Roger Moore (Trepanation)

New Zealand’s HERESIARCH are one of the most dominant forces in the current black/death metal sphere. This Wellington-based malicious quartet have most recently crossed the threshold of viciousness by an unprecedented level with their debut LP, Death Ordinance in 2017. Brandishing militant drums, relentless grinding guitars, pummeling bass and a hostile oratory as a weapon of blunt force, they beckon the coming Wolf Age.

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