French Post-Hardcore/Screamo Merchants Aleska Release New Album ‘Construire Ou Détruire’ For Deluxe Physical Edition; Full-Stream Available

Photo courtesy of Domino Media Group.

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Domino Media Group*

A few weeks after the limited digital release of the effort and a successful crowdfunding campaign, French post-hardcore/screamo merchants Aleska are proud to re-release their brand new full-length album ‘Construire Ou Détruire’ for LP, Deluxe LP+CD edition and 2xLP split Tape edition & Digital through Seven Years A Weak Records (AFAR, Peace Me Off) and Zegema Beach Records (Coma Regalia, Drei Affen, NIONDE PLÅGAN, Respire…).

In addition to the official “reissue”, the album is still available for full-streaming on Bandcamp and right now also on the main digital legal services (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify…).

Buy ‘Construire Ou Détruire’ for physical/digital edition | Stream the full record album___
…For the record…

ALESKA is a french Post Hardcore/Screamo band with 4 members from SHALL NOT KILL, DEAD FOR A MINUTE, ESTEBAN. Created in 2011 and after several line-up changes, the band gives quickly shows and many productions of EP and SPLIT.

In 2016, the first LP ALESKA is realeased and offer a new breathe with a blend of a lot of influences (Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock and more). This first album will be very well received and will allow the band to establish its identity and to talk about him. Just after that, the band begin to work on his 2nd LP with a goal : an even more accomplished work and a new level for the production.

This second album named ‘Construire Ou Détruire’ will be released on first quarter 2019 and has been recorded and mixed by Nicolas BUONO (membre of.. Aleska) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

For fans of Envy, Cult Of Luna, Daïtro, Kidcrash, From Monument to Masses…

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