Unique Art & Music Series Brings Musicians Together To Craft A Song Which Visual Artists Then Use As Inspiration For Original Art Pieces

Photo courtesy of Earshot Media.

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Drawing Music, a unique art and music series that brings together a collection of visual artists and high spirited rock n roll musicians, continues with its next installment “Breakfast of Champions” on May 23.

“Breakfast of Champions” is an early morning apology note to ones significant other. An attempt to patch things up after a night of drinking too much and saying all the wrong things. The partner in the dog house hopes that maybe the thing that caused the problem could also help be the solution. So a plea is made to have a “Breakfast of Champions” (booze brunch) together in order to have some laughs and get over last night’s train wreck behavior.

“Breakfast of Champions” video:

“Breakfast Of Champions” artwork below done by John Decampos.

Order the artwork: https://lovesickbombs.bandcamp.com/merch/breakfast-of-champions-8-x-10-color-print

Stream the song: https://open.spotify.com/album/3lEa0iJr0cTXugCMpJgInZ?si=y8LPGWYyShSWmObIpy-VLw

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 9.59.01 AM

“Breakfast Of Champions”

The series so far has brought together over a dozen different musicians hailing from various NYC bands and enlisted talented artists with wide-ranging aesthetics to visually represent each song. The results are a fun listen and interesting look that combine to tell familiar stories to those who grew up pursuing rock n roll or art as their first passion in life. A new art print and the accompanying song will be available every few weeks.

The talented set of contributors goes by the name Lovesick Bombs, a moniker created by Drawing Music’s curator John Redmond. After years of being fully immersed in music and arts culture playing in punk rock bands since childhood (including the early 2000’s Bay Area skate punk band Secondshot), Redmond found himself still in love with art and music, but rarely being involved in creation of it, as fatherhood and adult life took the drivers seat. This theme of art vs adulthood runs through the project.

Creating the “Drawing Music” series proved not only an opportunity to produce new art & music but to do it with various people he already reveres from their own individual projects. After conceptualizing the idea Redmond commissioned visual artists such as John Decampo / Ghostbat(www.ghostbatart.com), known in the music community for specializing in must have show posters, comics, t-shirt design, album covers, and character design, as well as multiple pieces from Michelle Thibodeau / Planetskull(http://www.instragram.com/planetskull), an amazing freehand artists and the driving force of the bizarre & intensely costumed up Detroit band, Krillin.These artists and others were able to represent the songs in a visual manner that brings their stories to life.

Redmond says, “The Drawing Music series has given me the chance to work with many musicians and artists that I revere from their individual projects. The new collaborations from bringing different the musicians together then getting in the hands of different creative artists to represent each song visually brings the whole concept alive, which to me is the concept that the most interesting work comes from collaboration by individuals who normally don’t cross paths”.

The list of contributing rock n roll bands that Redmond has been a long time fan of, also includes The Vansaders (https://thevansaders.bandcamp.com/) Night Surf (https://nightsurfnyc.bandcamp.com/) & HABITS(https://habitsnyc.bandcamp.com/) were joined with jazz musicians as heard in the strange but entertaining cover of “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine (Print & Song was released 4/23), as well as other contributors including Marie Kim of the Brooklyn based Indie Electro band Blank Paper(https://blankpaper.bandcamp.com).

The previous two art prints are available now and accompanied by a song of the same name. “Dad Rock”, a testimonial to the split life that exists when you have a kid but are still playing in the type of a high spirited rock n roll band that tends to have late nights, long drives, and booze-soaked shows.

“Dad Rock” Video

Illustrated by John Jennison.

Order the artwork: https://lovesickbombs.bandcamp.com/merch/dad-rock-8×10-color-print

Stream the song: https://open.spotify.com/album/7rkqdcXAoExlqenmOsj4hW?si=JV4_A4tfTgiUBaNrjhybPQ

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 10.08.24 AM

“Dad Rock”

The second is a power pop turned big band swing version of “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine.

“Freedom” Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJUMKFIRqXE

Illustrated by Michelle Thibodeau.

Order the artwork: https://lovesickbombs.bandcamp.com/merch/freedom-8-x-10-color-print

Stream the song: https://open.spotify.com/album/0h0xA7f51GVngBBeC6on4X

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 10.09.30 AM


The series can be followed at http://lovesickbombs.com



In the Works: Outside of more art & music, Redmond has art gallery performances coming together in NYC (details TBA) pairing the contributing musicians with the art, a visit to Fest 18, & open contests for the next art pieces to be commissioned for upcoming songs. Drawing Music will be an ongoing series enlisting new artists and musicians for collaboration for the foreseeable future, hopefully finding the attention of other rock dads & moms still interested finding new music & art from one of their own.

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