Underground Artist Ty Knight Collabs With UK Producer Camelot For Release “Letters From Avalon” EP

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LAS VEGAS, NV. May 16th Hip-Hop. On April 17th, 2019 Ty Knight dropped his first project of the year ‘Letters From Avalon’ from Freak Gang studios in Las Vegas, NV. (https://soundcloud.com/tyknightmusic/sets/letters-from-avalon)

At the end of March, upcoming hip-hop artist and producer, Ty Knight began his roll out for his new project ‘Letters From Avalon.’ With a trailer released on his instagram followed by video clips on his story, the Las Vegas based producer set the tone for the kinetic love drunk break up letters that we would learn on April 17th were ‘Letters from Avalon’. 

Born in Chicago, raised everywhere from Memphis, TN to Reno, NV. Knight never stayed anywhere for too long growing up. He has shared the stage with the likes of Maxo Kream, Big Krit, and Andre Nickatina. 

The three track project was co-produced by Knight with UK producer, Camelot aka BraveNewHeights.

“Linking up with Camelot was all just timing and really what gave me the inspiration to compile the project.” Knight says, “It’s said there’s an Island to the west of Camelot where King Arthur would go to heal after battles, well I’m west of the homie and I was going through some things I’d never experienced before.”

The project can be heard on all major platforms, a link to the single track Eden is included below. 
Audio/Project Single “Eden” : 

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