Fyra – Four Is Fantastic

Fyra. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

A man in dark shades and a green blazer grins ear-to-ear as a drink rests in a glass on the dark brown table he sits at.

If someone were to currently search for “Fyra” in Apple Music, this is the image that they’d find.

However, this wasn’t always the case. Fyra first kept his face hidden, as not to overshadow the focus on his music.

From Los Angeles, Fyra’s music is branded as “alternative R&B,” but he chose the name to represent more.

“I really wanted something that could not just be on music, but also like on clothing, shirts, hats and that looked easy on the eyes,” said Fyra.

Fyra has crafted music since a young age. He used old tape recorders to create harmonies and vocal layering. From there, he played with rock bands and wrote indie pop R&B tunes. Influenced by the likes of Toro y Moi, Incubus, Miguel and Justin Timberlake, he works tirelessly to evoke emotions through songs that evolve along with him.

“For me, it’s about the moment,” said Fyra. “Even the bad feedback or good feedback, I take it in stride. I already know not everyone’s gonna love what you’re doing.”

In March 2018, he released “In My Room” as a debut single, which still remains his personal favorite work.

“That one holds dear to me mainly because it was my first baby,” said Fyra. “It kind of propelled me to go where I am now. If someone ever wants to look at Fyra, I think ‘In My Room’ would be kind of a good way to start just so they can see my growth, you know?”

In June 2018, the music video for his single “U Wanna” was released. It was directed by Chris Jackson, who has also worked with artists like Baby Ariel. It also features Sarah Polednak as she dances seductively on a Los Angeles street with a sunny backdrop. The song itself, which is a daring blend of R&B, grunge and alternative, had an end result that Fyra was pleased with overall.

“For a one day shoot for two hours, I think it turned out pretty well,” said Fyra. “It got the vibe that I wanted it to be, so that’s how that whole thing came across.”

When it comes to creating music, he has tried to set a mindset for success.

“What I realized throughout the music industry is if you have the right group of people that believe in me, it’s gonna work out,” Fyra said. “That’s kind of like what I’ve been trying to do, surround myself with people that [are] really not just trying to get the dollar, but that believe in the same music.”

The Fyra name also carries a hidden meaning as it translates to “Four,” which has been a lucky number in his life as his relationship anniversary with his fiancé is April 4, 2014. The number has more significance in 2019 as he plans to release four singles that dive into places he feels most comfortable sharing. Sonically and lyrically, he’s at an all-time high.

“Call Me,” the first of those four singles, has already been released and is available digitally. The artwork also features a purple “IV.”

One of his recurrent struggles as an artist is to let go of the past. He has had times where he has rebranded himself, taken down music and put it back up. He’s a strong believer in the art of progression.

“I think as artists, when we start moving forward, we’re like ‘oh man,’ we kind of get nervous about the past,” said Fyra. “Other ways to prove our art is to do it again and not be so caught up in all that ‘oh man, I should’ve done that.’ Artists should never go back and try to figure things. They should just go forward.”
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